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Preeclampsia symptoms before 20 weeks

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alliebongo93 Wed 18-Feb-15 09:12:38

Has anyone had any symptoms similar to preeclampsia before they were 20 weeks?
I was given an emergency c-section at 35 weeks with DS due to preeclampsia and feel very similar to when I was admitted to hospital then but I'm only 9 far I have a headache, and a few times have had flashing dots in front of my eyes. What should I do? I was really worried about the preeclampsia reoccurring but had no idea anything could happen this soon!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

EveDallas Wed 18-Feb-15 09:21:21

I've only had the one child Allie, but my story sounds similar to yours - hospitalised at 20 weeks and induced at 34 weeks.

I had symptoms from about 8 weeks - without knowing they were symptoms: some flashing/floaters in my eyes, a weird 'rushing' sensation in my ears, headaches and my eyelids felt like they were flickering/shaking but they weren't.

I didn't mention them to my MW at all because they were few and far between. My BP didn't start going up until I was about 16 weeks and I spent the next 4 weeks being monitored until eventually a blood test proved that I was getting worse.

It put me off having another and I think I would be hyper sensitive to any problems. Rest assured though that if she knows your history, your midwife will be monitoring you closely. Tell her everything. Good luck smile

weelamb123 Wed 18-Feb-15 09:42:17

Hi girls, I had preeclampsia with ds 9 years ago. Was induced and eventually had emergency section. I didn't have any symptoms though. I am now 18 weeks with dc2 and having a terrible time. Have had hyperemesis since 8 weeks. Ive started to develop headaches over the last 3 weeks and just feel awful. At last MW appt my BP was up slightly but she didn't seem too worried but said she'd need to keep an eye on it. Xx

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