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Prickly skin, but it's not prickly heat??

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Bex174 Wed 11-Feb-15 22:33:53

Wondered if anyone else has had this.

It's not a prickly heat rash, in fact there is no rash or marks on my skin at all. But for the past 3-4 days every time material is touching my skin it feels spiky, like when you've been to the hairdressers and have those sharp bits of hair stuck in your clothes afterwards.

I haven't changed anything in my clothes washing regime, same detergents etc, clothes aren't new, even happens with open bump in the bed sheets, I moisturise day and night with bump creams, no idea what this is!

Has anyone else had similar?

Violetta007 Wed 11-Feb-15 22:36:19

Try an anti hystamine?

Bex174 Thu 12-Feb-15 10:57:11

Yeah I had thought about popping an anti-histamine, but then if this is something others have had that carries on for a while, it would be good if I could find some ways or top tips to help it without needing to take medication. I've been avoiding any tablets as much as possible so far

I've tried googling but only seem to bring up actual prickly heat which, without the rash, true itching or any marks I don't think this is

MrsP26 Thu 12-Feb-15 11:34:42

How far gone are you?
Without wanting to be the bearer of bad news I suffered with prickly/itchy skin the whole way through my first pregnancy. Some people find this subsides after the first trimester though, when their hormones calm down.

Bex174 Thu 12-Feb-15 21:11:11

I'm 19wks, really hoping this isn't here to stay then!!
Did you find anything calmed it at all?
It only started on Monday so I was hoping it could be a phase, but doesn't seem to be getting better or spreading really. Still no rash or marks either

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