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Maternity leave

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sleepybee Mon 09-Feb-15 12:18:43

I'm due to go on mat leave at 38 weeks exactly. I'm now 29 weeks & already finding I'm struggling with just everything. I feel I'm just slow & lose my concentration easily. I'm thinking of now taking some annual leave & finishing 4 weeks before due date. Is this too much time?

WishUponAStar88 Mon 09-Feb-15 12:22:52

I finished at 36 weeks as on my feet for 13/ 14 hours a day a work. I really enjoyed the time off and spending the last couple of weeks as a couple before the baby came along. It meant I could get the house and baby things in order and went on either a leisurely walk or swim each day to keep active. 'Full term' is from 37 weeks so you may not necessarily get all that time although of course you could be overdue too!

Zsazsabinks Mon 09-Feb-15 12:24:19

You might get a bit bored but i definitely found that from about 36 weeks onwards my concentration was just rubbish. I'd just go for it if I were you, you still accrue holiday whilst you're on mat leave anyway.

Number3cometome Mon 09-Feb-15 12:44:44

Absolutely personal choice. Depends on how physical your job is, commute etc.

I left 4 weeks before DS was born, he was born on his due date and I was absolutely bored for 4 weeks!

DD I went on maternity leave one week before (37 weeks) I was bored for that week.

This time I intend on leaving the day before, all being well (ELCS)

I have an hour commute to work, nearly always get a seat and an office job.

Mrscog Mon 09-Feb-15 12:54:11

I had 6 weeks off before DS1 and they were brilliant, the boredom depends on what you normally like doing. I personally love sitting around watching films, gardening, pottering, cooking dinner, walking around town for an hour, reading, playing the piano, so for me it was like 6 weeks of pure fun. I also had family near by so would go and visit elderly relatives etc. too.

Other people who maybe have more active interests (like the gym for instance) and who are less likely to enjoy watching a couple of films a day, or who have people nearby to visit are more likely to get bored.

Stinkylinky Mon 09-Feb-15 12:55:29

I'm planning on staying at work until the week before my due date providing everything is okay and allows me to.

I'm only 19 weeks so this could all change!

eckythumpenallthat Mon 09-Feb-15 12:57:41

For me that would have been far to long as DD was over 2 weeks late. But there again I was very comfortable with no problems so happy to work as late as possible.
Only you know ur body and what ur capable of

LittleGreyCatwithapinkcollar Mon 09-Feb-15 12:58:58

I'm planning to work up to 38+3. I'm a teacher so this means I can work to the end of term then begin my mat leave during the Easter hols on my due date. Not sure I'll make it though. This is my first sick day in over 5 years today due to a horrid cold - I'd never have needed a day off for something so minor if I wasn't 32 weeks pregnant!

Stinkylinky Mon 09-Feb-15 13:00:01

My friend started her mat leave just before Christmas and baby was due last week, showing no signs whatsoever of arriving soon and she wishes she stayed at work longer as she is so bored and fed up.

newtonupontheheath Mon 09-Feb-15 13:06:29

Each week I have off before dc3 is born is going to eat into mat leave at the other end so I am planning on leaving it until 38 weeks. I am carrying a week annual leave over from this year that I will have to use so may take that too but trying to save the rest of my leave to tack onto the end of mat leave

Anerak Mon 09-Feb-15 13:07:09

If you don't have a physically demanding job then in principle waiting until 38 weeks is possible but there is no shame in finding that you need to go earlier - pregnancy is so demanding on the mind and body, and can be especially emotionally demanding, so lack of concentration is logical: your priorities have temporarily changed and work is on the back burner! Think of yourself, your baby and your well beings and take as much time off as you need if you can because your body and your baby will only thank you for caring for them. I got this advice from my doctor and was so grateful for it because all I was concentrating on was my loyalty to my work when it should not have been number 1 priority and it feels wonderful to be honest and care for myself for once

HazleNutt Mon 09-Feb-15 13:10:37

Depends on how you feel, the commute and the job. I had a short commute, desk job and was feeling fine, so worked til due date. Then worked from home, but only because the weather was really hot and office without a/c. Was bored already then - I'm usually quite active, so just laying there was not that much fun, but you don't usually feel up to much when heavily pregnant.

Snowflakepie Mon 09-Feb-15 13:27:31

Depends on your interests and job. I finished at 25 weeks (4 weeks hols added onto the 29 weeks earliest start for mat leave) and it was utter heaven. My job was very physical with no opportunity to sit down, very stressful and demanding. I viewed it as the last chance for a proper 'holiday' all to myself before the baby arrived. I admit I am a total introvert, love films, books, lots of crafts, plus we had a fair bit of decorating and house sorting to do too. I remember those 15 weeks (dd arrived on time) as the happiest of my life, quite honestly.

Do what is right for you. There's no prizes for staying on at work if you are unhappy and uncomfortable.

Pisghetti Mon 09-Feb-15 13:57:07

I'll be finishing after this week at 36 weeks. My actual maternity leave starts at 39 weeks so the majority of this is annual leave which I'll lose if I don't use it now. I honestly can't wait and I don't think my employers are losing much as my concentration is pants and I'm making mistakes A LOT.

I've already planned what I want to do - get the nursery sorted, watch some TV boxsets (I don't watch much telly usually), finish two or three craft projects, read a few books, bake a few cakes, fill the freezer, nap when I want/need to, visit friends and family, get my haircut, get a massage, get some bump pictures taken... just hope baby doesn't come early!

Findingthisdifficult1234 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:05:22

I'm another early leaver- leaving at 27 weeks, taking 4 weeks annual leave and then SMP will start mid April. Baby due 18th June.
I can't wait to finish work and relax before baby comes, my job is over an hour away and involves a 12 hour day so I'm not going to miss putting myself out and as a previous poster said- ill be putting myself first for a change.
Leave when you feel you need to. And don't worry what others think.

addictedtosugar Mon 09-Feb-15 14:05:48

From about 30 weeks, I took a wednesday afternoon off.
From about 34/35 weeks, i took a wednesday off.
Then worked to 38 weeks with both babies.
The day off in the middle gave me a chance to potter, get jobs done, and rest.
Worked for me, but is dependant on not having a massive commute, and a work which will give you that flexibility.

zebrapig Mon 09-Feb-15 18:06:21

I finish this Thurs at 32+1 and it's not a moment too soon! I'm taking 5 weeks annual leave and starting my maternity leave at 36+5.

I work away Mon-Fri and I'm starting to struggle with the travelling. The tiredness has really started to kick in again the last couple of weeks and I'm in quite a bit of pain with my back and hip so put them both together and I'm turning into a grumpy cow!

JennyBlueWren Mon 09-Feb-15 18:14:02

I'm currently 38+2 and working till the end of this week. I wish I'd either left a couple of weeks ago or gone down to half days -so wanted a nap this afternoon!

HollyBen Mon 09-Feb-15 18:23:38

With DD I finished at 36 weeks. She was 10 days late so I did get a bit bored and fed up but i was very swollen, struggling to walk and had carpel tunnel in both wrists so I couldn't have worked any longer without being extremely uncomfortable.

This time I finished work at 36+2 and am using annual leave until mat leave starts at 38 weeks. Physically I am in better shape this time but was so so tired and i have loads of organising to fit round a 3 year old.

i don't think 36 weeks is particularly early

WorryWurta Mon 09-Feb-15 18:27:33

I'm finishing at 38 weeks at the end of Feb, although technically I'm on annual leave until the day before my due date (unless the baby comes early). My job is not particularly physically demanding but I am struggling concentration wise, and just generally being knackered. But then I know I'd be bored stupid sitting at home and at least being at work makes the time go by faster.

Chunderella Mon 09-Feb-15 18:27:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2015isgoingtobeBIG Mon 09-Feb-15 18:29:42

25 weeks with twins and had planned on doing my regular job which involves being on my feet until the end of February which would have been 28 weeks and then using up leave/work part time in March. Realised at the end of last week when I was in tears due to tiredness and PGP that I can't do this so from today I am desk based only and finishing half an hour early (if not more). I feel pathetic and hate letting my team down but as others have said sometimes you have to be selfish and put you and your baby's needs first. I would never have thought I'd feel like this but until you get to X weeks you don't know how you'll feel so don't beat yourself up about going early. If it's right for you that's all that matters.

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