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Chicken pox and pregnancy

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Ironfloor Thu 05-Feb-15 13:57:13

My DD's class has chicken pox going around. I'm pregnant, never had it but had the vaccination last year. Spoke to GP and she said not to worry unless I got the cp rash myself.
What do you think? I'm in a bit of a panic. Will the vaccine still make me immune?

Katnipp Thu 05-Feb-15 14:01:20

Yes the vaccine should make you immune. Did they test immunity post vaccine for you?

Ironfloor Thu 05-Feb-15 14:01:38

Sorry, meant to say that DD hasn't had it either.

Ironfloor Thu 05-Feb-15 14:02:10

No, they didn't. Should they have?

Nolim Thu 05-Feb-15 14:04:31

The vaccine should suffice.

Ironfloor Thu 05-Feb-15 14:09:45


ChatEnOeuf Thu 05-Feb-15 16:30:38

Vaccine should cover you, but if DD gets CP you should probably get your MW to check your own antibodies as vaccines aren't 100% effective. If you have antibodies, you can relax. Incidentally, if you aren't immune, you need to act quickly to get treatment to protect the baby - waiting for the rash is probably too late. Info here

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