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8 week jabs

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Aley009 Thu 29-Jan-15 18:50:29

I am freakin out that something bad will happen after my babies 8 week jabs , I read a comment some one made on FB about it causing cot death and now it's all I can think about . I worry Massivley but it's even drawn me to tears! I have read a statement saying this ain't true but it's so scary also worried about baby And if he gets poorly after his jabs. Does anyone have any experience of their babies 8 week jabs not being totally traumatic ?

Currentlyclueless Thu 29-Jan-15 18:54:13

I don't have my own children but have done about the jabs in Uni your child will be fine an having the jabs is better than them not having them. People like to scare others.
If you look online the stats for anything detrimental or fatal happening to your child is around 0.001% barely significant. It's like the MMR findings have been proven wrong or even faked.

sebsmummy1 Thu 29-Jan-15 18:57:19

Honestly, I can only tell you my own experience. It was absolutely fine. The only one he reacted slightly to was the MMR and that was a very slight fever.

All I knew was I never wanted to be in a situation where my fear about vaccines caused my child to get a disease that would be much much worse. I always wanted to be in a position where if he got poorly I could produce his red book and say that I had followed all the procedures correctly and everything was up to date.

I totally understand you being concerned and it's totally natural to want to protect your child. Would talking to your HV or GP help do you think?

Sidge Thu 29-Jan-15 19:21:20

Immunisations do not cause cot death.

Some babies are more sleepy after their jabs, some are grizzly and grumpy, some are no different to usual. Some get a temperature and have sore legs, and some don't.

Serious reactions are incredibly rare, and when you take your baby for it's jabs they will tell you what they are giving and what to expect afterwards.

Have a look here to see what to expect and to maybe answer some of your questions

callamia Thu 29-Jan-15 19:26:36

It was fine. He had a tiny raise in temperature, which came down with one shot of calpol within an hour.

He was slightly more cuddly after all of his jabs, but only for that day - the next morning he was always back to normal.

There's a lot of scaring online, bit no one would really think about going about making online comments about how it was all fine - that's it though, the enormous majority of babies carry on as usual.

It's ok to be worried, you're getting injections for your tiny baby - they'll yell when it happens and you'll feel terrible and sad, bit you're doing it to keep them safe from horrible diseases and infections

fattymcfatfat Thu 29-Jan-15 21:33:33

My dd was always fine after her jabs. Shes just had another lot (1 yr) and didnt even cry with the needles! She just sat on my knee and watched them go in.....maybe I have a strange child come to thinknof it! Ds actually smacked the nurse at that age.But both of them where fine after their 8 week ones. They just needed a cuddle after bbecause they got a bit upset.

Jaffakake Thu 29-Jan-15 21:36:04

My ds is 3.5 and I can honestly say, apart from a slight ache at the injection site, there have been absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

NickyEds Thu 29-Jan-15 21:48:26

Not traumatic at all! Certainly nothing like as traumatic as the idea of my baby getting diptheria or tetanus. Ds cried for under a minute but actually dropped a night feed after his 8 week jabs and started sleeping through after his 12 week ones. The most common side effects seem to be a bit of a temperature and some mild grumpyness.

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