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Video Monitor - yes or no?

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Tranquilitybaby Tue 27-Jan-15 12:20:10

I quite fancy the idea of a video monitor this time round for peace of mind and because I'm nosey!

If you have one so you recommend it? Thanks

FluffyRedSocks Tue 27-Jan-15 12:21:31

We don't have one, I find it more comforting to actually go and have a look smile

nousernamesleft Tue 27-Jan-15 12:25:00

We've got one, it was a cheapy from aldi (30 for a twin camera), picture quality is crap but it's enough to see if they're lying down or roughly what they're doing. I'm glad we didn't spend much more on it, as we're not all that bothered about the video, more the audio, but it's handy for what it is.

LIG1979 Tue 27-Jan-15 12:42:43

We have one and it is really helpful to know whether to go in or not. Also, was useful for seeing what mischief she is up to as often she is very quiet but doing naughty things in her bed. She is 2.5 now.

We don't have a Web monitor but a sound monitor and a Web cam. This also means I can watch her anywhere with Web access. (Which can be a bit addictive but was lovely when I have been away without her.)

puddleduck27 Tue 27-Jan-15 13:00:00

We have one and i love it

You still go in and check on them yourself but i think it gives you the option not to have to go in and disturb them and reassures you that theyre sleeping (especially if your are trying to get them to sleep longer etc)

DH is now 20 months and ive found it useful all along - Now I can check shes napping without disturbing her

Tranquilitybaby Tue 27-Jan-15 13:59:32

Thanks for your replies. The next question is do I really need one from birth as baby will be in with us or wait for six month?

WhyOWhyWouldYou Tue 27-Jan-15 15:16:41

Now I can check shes napping without disturbing her

This is what I found mine most useful for. DS would stay often stay quietly in cotcot once he was awake but meant it was impossible to know if he was still napping or not. Also when he drops off to sleep he makes a little moany noise (always has), but would make exactly the same noise if he didn't want to go to sleep. The video allowed me to see if he was lying down dropping off (actually going in to check at this point would make him jump up regardless) or sitting up narked about being put down for a nap.

I got mine when DS was 6 or 7months and I suspected the above issues with naps. Prior to that I'd had a really cheap audio one - hadn't seen the need for anything more. I don't think its necessary to have a video monitor from birth but if you are going to get one, then I don't think there is any point buying a different one first, just get the video one.

urterriblemuriel Tue 27-Jan-15 15:44:51

Would totally recommend. We bought the BT1000 video montor for our DD for when she went into her own room, and it has saved numerous trips up and down the stairs to see what she's up to. She's now 2.5 and we still use it and have recently bought a second for our new DS. He is still in our room, however we have it set up so we can see what's going on when he goes to bed at night (we move the Moses basket upstairs in the evenings).

I used tesco points to buy it when they had the boost promo on, so sort of got it free!

penguinpear Tue 27-Jan-15 18:19:46

Ive never bothered with one, just a basic monitor for me.

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