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Help! calling Silvercross Pioneer / wayfarer owners!

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Seasidedolly Mon 26-Jan-15 18:52:18

I may be being completely thick but how do I remove the back wheels from the Pioneer?!
It just arrived today and I'm trying to get it back in the box after having a little play, but need to remove the rear wheels else it's too wide to fit. I can see the front wheels have red release buttons but can't work out for the life of me how to get the rear ones off!

Thanks smile

Wineandchoccy Mon 26-Jan-15 19:49:36

I'm not 100% because my pioneer is packed away until baby arrives in April but I think you need to use a screwdriver or something that shape to push a button in and then wheel slides off.

Seasidedolly Mon 26-Jan-15 20:51:56

Oh really? :s I thought the back wheels just popped off like the front ones! Lucky we've got a bigger car on the way!! Thank you for your help

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