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Tight over bump jeans - 32 weeks

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m33r Sun 25-Jan-15 10:26:11

Probably being totally paranoid here and expect replies will say 'plenty protection in there' but wanted to check.

My friend gave me size 12 over bump next jeans but they keep falling down so much so I can't wear them. My DM then bought me a new pair from mothercare which don't fall down because they're a bit tighter BUT when I put them on baby seems to kick a lot more. Is it that I just feel it more or is he uncomfortable in there? Any views welcome.


seaoflove Sun 25-Jan-15 11:03:46

Just fold the over bump bit over so it sits more comfortably under the bump. That's what I had to do when my bump outgrew all my over-bump jeans.

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