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Have my waters broke?!

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Firstimemummy15 Fri 23-Jan-15 00:01:59

I have no idea what I'm doing! Went for a pee around 11.30, when I stood up felt a tickle, sat back down and this lasted for about 5 mins. I got bk up again and felt more of a trickle. I'm got a sanitary pad and went bk to bed where I felt a surge of fluid. 23.54 and felt a gripping pain low down that lasted 34 seconds and then another pain at 23.57 lasting 20 secs. I haven't really noticed Brixton hicks so don't know if that I'm feeling is contractions! Don't wanna excite everyone but sure I read somewhere to ring midwife if waters break and not in labour - I guess I was expecting more fluid when my waters broke!

plinkyplonks Fri 23-Jan-15 00:09:15

Didn't want to read and run - no experience in this to say either way! If you're unsure, might be worthwhile giving the midwives a quick ring for reassurance? x Good luck!

jmojo Fri 23-Jan-15 03:00:12

Call the hosp labour ward and speak to a midwife. Sounds like they msy have broken.

KnackeredMerrily Fri 23-Jan-15 03:10:57

Yes call your labour ward.

Your waters apparently have a distinctive smell.

Keep an eye on your tightenings! You can download a free contraction app.

Good luck!

KnackeredMerrily Fri 23-Jan-15 03:11:49

Your waters can go with a trickle. A big gush is for the movies wink

tiggy2610 Fri 23-Jan-15 03:16:09

This happened to me last Friday night...I'm now sat expressing while 6 day old DS sleeps soundly in his crib next to me wink

My waters carried on gradually 'leaking' (especially when standing from sitting) until I was in the delivery suite.

Give them a call and good luck! smile

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