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low risk with panorama test but high risk with blood tests - help!

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ramsat Thu 15-Jan-15 17:08:05


i dont know if anyone can help. i'm 42 and pregnant and because of this we decided to have a private panorama test prior to the sceduled scan and blood tests with the NHS. This came back as low risk for everything <1:10,000 so we were very happy and just starting to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. however we've just had a call from out local midwife to say that the results from the nt scan and blood tests provided by the NHS here in the UK show a very high risk 1:15. the NT measurement was fine at 1.0 MOM but the HCG was high at 3.99 MOM and the PAPP-A was low at 0.51 MOM.

So we're now very confused and worried as to what to do. we know the panorama test is much more accurate but because the other test seems quite high risk 1:15 we don't know if we should have a CVS or whether we can rely on the panormama test with the same confidence that we would have had before the results of the NHS tests came in.

if anyone has any advise it would be really greatfully appreciated.

thanks in advance


ChatEnOeuf Thu 15-Jan-15 17:20:45

I don't know much about the panorama tests in themselves but I would have thought that they would be more accurate for the chromosomal problems than the NHS ones. I presume there weren't any problems with the bloods they did. I would ask to speak to one of the obstetric consultants at your local hospital and see what they make of it.

Zahrah5 Thu 15-Jan-15 17:40:19

Keep in mind that part of the reason why the numbers are high is your age. Even if baby is perfectly healthy your age will still skew the results.
I would trust panorama.

Or go to a specialist to check over other soft markers of Down. NHS doesnt do that.

BirdInTheRoom Thu 15-Jan-15 17:42:02

I have been worried about the very same thing! I have done a lot of reading and it does look as though the Panorama test is one of the most accurate you can get with very little chance of a false negative.

Your risk has come back high most likely because of your age. If you don't want to risk amnio perhaps you could get a detailed nuchal scan at the FMC (if you are near London) where I think they look at things in much more depth.

There's still a 14 in 15 chance your baby doesn't have downs which it more than likely doesn't due to your panorama results.

If you're going to worry your whole pregnancy I would get amnio just to be sure (something I decided I would if my NHS results were high risk despite being low on the panorama).

MissTwister Thu 15-Jan-15 19:33:24

I cancelled my NHS scan as FMC told me I could risk confusion. I would trust Panorama as the NHS number will be massively skewed by your age. Or, if you can afford it go and have another private scan for reassurance

SilverStars Thu 15-Jan-15 21:30:09

I had private harmony, with similar results yet a 1:40 risk due to age and blood tests. Had a detailed earlier anomaly scan at FMC to reassure.

ramsat Fri 16-Jan-15 13:43:58

thanks everyone for the reassurance it's appreciated. i spoke with UDS who did the panorama test and they said not to worry io'm very low risk regardless of the nhs results and to ignore tthem completely and i've just been to see the specialist nhs midwife and consultant and they said exactly the same thing, and that they wished they could offer nipt testing on the nhs.

my only concern now is the high hcg reading, the midwife mentioned something about higher risk of pre-eclamsia and potential placenta issues but said i would have a consultant do the 20 week scan so i'm not sure about that.

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