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Celiac disease and pregnancy. (Spotting)

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leanne963 Mon 05-Jan-15 09:07:11

I really shouldn't eat gluten but Saturday night i had a huge pizza because I was really craving one! Yesterday I had bad cramps as I usually get with eating gluten and I was scolding myself for being so gluttonous, eventually I started to feel a bit better but this morning I wokeep up and when I wiped there is a tiny bit of rust coloured blood. (Watery not thick)

I also have a sensitive cervix so I don't know if this could be related too!? I'm 20 weeks and just wondering if anyone else suffering from gluten intolernance gets spotting after eating bread/pasta!?

Gudgyx Mon 05-Jan-15 09:27:28

Not the same, but I have crohns disease and get spotting when I eat something I shouldnt and have to strain on the toilet. Can you be sure where the blood is coming from? I've been trying not to panic when I see blood as, due to fistulas, it could be coming from anywhere really!

Also had you had sex recently? I think if you have a sensitive cervix and have sex, that can cause spotting too. So can straining on the loo with a sensitive cervix actually!

leanne963 Mon 05-Jan-15 09:33:05

I strained on the loo twice yesterday so I'm thinking it could be related as it has happened in the past when I was in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Nope, no sex, poor DP isn't getting any what with the worrying about causing spotting! Oh and the blood definitely came from the vagina as aopposed to the bowel, I made sure 100%

Thanks for the response!

Gudgyx Mon 05-Jan-15 09:48:44

Probably will have been you straining then! Its hard not to worry though smile

KungFuGirl Mon 05-Jan-15 13:39:04

I have celiacs and inflammatory bowel disease, had a huge reaction at 6 weeks gone to an ingredient in a chocolate bar and ended up in hospital. I was in a very bad way for 2 weeks, lots of bowel cramps and straining but no still no vaginal spotting which leads me to suspect it is probably more likely to be your cervix causing it. Can't hurt to stay away from the pizza's though! pizza hut do a gluten free base (not the same but will have to do). just had 12 week scan and baby is doing well despite me being unable to eat solid food for two weeks.

xBlueberry88x Mon 05-Jan-15 15:01:44

Dominos also do a gluten free base and it tastes pretty good.

If all else fails make your own pizzas are to hard and you can have whatever you want on it!

Im Coeliac and I have read that eating gluten is dangerous in pregnancy its a horrible reaction for you but just remember the baby goes through a lot that you go through!!

If its not bright red blood I wouldnt worry to much!

leanne963 Mon 05-Jan-15 17:35:13

Thanks everyone!! No there was not bright red blood, literally just a drop of rust coloured watery/blood and nothing else has happened today! I've felt her kick and everything so I hope I didn't do any damage. I have learnt my lesson...gluten is not my friend!!

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