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Pregnant + alone on New Year's Day!

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Bowannabow Thu 01-Jan-15 09:18:59

Happy new year everyone. I've woken up today feeling a bit miserable . I chose to spend new year on my own, which in retrospect was a bad idea! I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have had a really busy Christmas so decided to turn down invites, including spending new year with the my man and his two kids. I felt like I needed some space and peace but now I just feel awful!

I could easily hop on a train and get my boyfriend to pick me up but am wondering if I should just stick it out at home now I've made the decision to stay here. Pregnancy hormones have kicked in and feel very alone and pathetic!! What do people think, am I bring silly being in self induced solitude when it's not necessary? Have a great 2015 all xx

Jaffakake Thu 01-Jan-15 09:24:39

It's ok to change your mind, pregnant or not! It's one of the good bits about being a grown up!

TittyBojangles Thu 01-Jan-15 09:29:21

I'd love a day on my own. How about doing something you never get round to like sorting photos or writing letters to relatives or whatever. Just eat chocolate and read a book or watch a crap film? Have a nice long soak? Do some batch cooking or baking? Watch some crap parking clips on YouTube? Make baby name/things you need lists? Ebay?

I realise I don't exactly live a rock and roll life!!! But would love a lazy day like this on my own, but if it is going to make you unhappy then ring your bf and go there.

Bowannabow Thu 01-Jan-15 09:39:46

Hi Tb. I agree they are good suggestions and all things I enjoy when alone. I kind of did that yesterday though and have the whole weekend stretching ahead too. So I think it might be best if I company for a couple of days, the more I think about it. Thanks all x smile

Firstimemummy15 Thu 01-Jan-15 16:37:42

Bless you, time to yourself always sound fab but I'm like you and struggle with the opportunity. I had a fee weeks off sick due to sciatica and it was getting to the point that I was excited when the boyfriend got home from work so I had some company!! Hormones have a lot to answer for though early on on in my pregnancy I would feel lonely even though I was surrounded by people! I spoke to my boyfriend though and after him thinking I was mad he understood and I felt much better!

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