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Anyone pregnant while on the pill?

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MrsL2012 Sat 27-Dec-14 16:33:26

Hi! I had my DS 13 weeks ago and went on the mini pill on the advice of my GP about 5 weeks ago.

These last few days I've felt much like I did this time last year when I would've been about 4 weeks pregnant - very tired all day (not all DS fault as he's not a bad sleeper and my DH is around to help), the odd twinge/pull in my tummy and I've not been able to shake off a cold for a few weeks. Mirror image of last year - that was all of my symptoms except heartburn which appeared at about 18 weeks!

I admit I've not been spot on with the timing of taking the pill every day but apart from once (Xmas day) I've always been within 3 hours. I've only had 1 very light period since having DS and that was about 6 weeks ago.

Has anyone got pregnant while on the pill? I know I need to just get a test but can't until tomorrow so can't take it with FMU until Monday!

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