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First Pregnancy

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FirstTimeMum96 Sat 27-Dec-14 04:36:27

Hi all, I'm new here smile
So for Christmas this year I got a positive pregnancy test! Something I was told I would never get!
So I was wondering, do you think whilst pregnant it is normal to want too be close too your partner all the time or am I just being a sook? smile

MrsLovell Sat 27-Dec-14 06:22:38

Congratulations! thanks
Normal, I was exactly the same when I first found out, still am a bit at 20 weeks. You've just found out something wonderful and it's Christmas, so no wonder you want to be near him. Enjoy!

FirstTimeMum96 Sat 27-Dec-14 06:49:38

Thank you! ��
That's good then. He keeps coming and giving me kisses and cuddles and kissing my belly it's adorable.
But being only 18 I am worried.

cathpip Sat 27-Dec-14 06:54:57

I'm pregnant with dc4, I have irrationally hated my dh for the first 12 weeks of all my pregnancies. He only has to breathe in the same room and it pisses me off smile. I do like him in the second two trimesters though!

FirstTimeMum96 Sat 27-Dec-14 07:09:11

Haha fair enough smile so I guess it depends on the person?

ELA88 Sat 27-Dec-14 11:04:33

Haha cathpip that was me for the first 12 weeks too! We're both teachers so had 6 weeks of me vomiting off together, I just didn't want him near me! I literally lived on the bathroom floor with my cat, his job was to fetch crackers if I unexpectedly felt hungry. I don't think he's played so much FIFA in his life!

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