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Boobs: a rant

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avocadotoast Thu 25-Dec-14 22:59:57

I'm 19+5 and my boobs are driving me insane.

They were a DD before I got pregnant; I had to go and buy more bras when I was about 8/9 weeks as they'd already gone up a cup size. I bought two bras, both E, and I'm bursting out of them already.

By the end of the day my boobs are itching like crazy (not just nipples, but all around, like on the sides of my body where my bra has been). I keep waking up with marks and scratches where I've been scratching in my sleep.

I need soothing! I've been using Lush Dream Cream morning and night, which helps somewhat as it has lavender and oats, but I'm still struggling. I'm going to buy another bra when I can, but can anyone recommend anything in the meantime? I despair sad

TheScenicRoute Thu 25-Dec-14 23:03:16

Argh the boob itching is a nightmare! No advice but I sympathise.

BlinkAndMiss Thu 25-Dec-14 23:24:43

Just offering sympathy. I have the same and only one bra which could be classed as fitting me. I cannot bear the itching.

SeverusEsq Thu 25-Dec-14 23:26:23

I forgot about the itching! I think mine was my stomach more than boobs.

Sorry I have no advice but here is some soothing sympathy.

AnythingNotEverything Fri 26-Dec-14 04:37:58

Sympathy. My boobs are sore by the end of the day.

I'd make sure your bra is still well fitting (are you adding inches to your back size? If so you should re measure using the Better Bra Campaign advice!), and switch to a crop top or soft cup once you get home from work.

I had a Bravado crop top nursing/sleep bra in my last pregnancy and am now sleeping in old nursing bras that are a touch too big. This is helping me a lot.

avocadotoast Fri 26-Dec-14 08:26:14

Anything I last got fitted at Bravissimo so I think the back size is fine, and the bras did fit before my boobs grew again! I'm hoping for a sale so I can get some more and not pay a fortune.

JennyBlueWren Fri 26-Dec-14 09:49:03

I can sympathise! It doesn't help that larger bad are so expensive!
For nipples I recommend getting washable breast pads as they stop any rubbing. In my current bras a scratchy Seam runs across the nipples -wonderful design but only ones in my size.

Frolicacid Fri 26-Dec-14 10:08:06

Full sympathy from me Op! I'm only 5 weeks and have already had to buy new bra's and the itching is driving me insane. I started out an e cup, I fear they may take over the world by 40 weeks!
Wearing a soft crop-top type thing to bed is helping.
If anyone sees any good, massive, soft bra's in the sale, please let me know?

Jaffakake Fri 26-Dec-14 10:40:42

You can take Piriton in pregnancy. It might be worth a go to give you relief from the itching.

avocadotoast Fri 26-Dec-14 12:21:17

Frolicacid haha that's how I feel! I just want them to stop growing!

Jaffakake that's good to know thanks, I'll look into that

Meplusyouequals4 Sun 28-Dec-14 00:10:24

Before I got pregnant I was a 36C, im now 32 weeks and wearing a 38F.

So i completely sympathizes with you. I find having a shower before bed and putting E45 itch relief cream on really helps with the itching. Also I wear a pure cotton support sleep bra (I got mine off fig leaves) this really helps. I also find any lace or anything that isn't cotton irritates them too.

I had the same problem with my first and its been the same this time too. And I know they are going to grow more when my milk comes in when baby is born.

Hope this helps.

rosedavo Tue 06-Jan-15 20:30:13

I have the same problem, getting a good maternity bra helps (I had to take a few back because after trialing them for a day the made me itch like crazy even though they were cotton etc), also lanolin cream for nipples helps and you can use that whilst pregnant and afterwards whilst breastfeeding. I aslo got some palmers stretchmark massage cream and that seems to help abit. If they feel really hot and itchy ive been soaking some loo roll in water and just using it as a cold compress if im in the house. So far itchy boobs has been the worst pregnancy issue for me!

ClearlyOpaque Tue 06-Jan-15 20:54:03

I'm giving my new Boots maternity bra its first outing this evening and I'm loving it so far. They claim to fit up to F cup (you just order the right back size for you and they say the cups should grow with you). I was a DD before I got pregnant and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this bra. Not too expensive either.

Sorry, I can't help with soothing the itch!

mum2benicole Wed 07-Jan-15 09:34:38

Sounds daft but I found using a cream for heat rash worked wonders just small amount on morning

HazleNutt Wed 07-Jan-15 09:40:29

Try Berlei Underwired Running Bra - really. It looks like a normal bra, (so you can avoid the monoboob look you get with non-wired bras) but the material is very soft and silky, and the wires are also flexible.

TeaandHobnobs Wed 07-Jan-15 10:16:10

avocado in my experience, your rib cage does expand during pregnancy, so it might be that the size that fitted you before doesn't suit now?
I wear genie bras at night, but normal underwired during the day - although at this point in my last pregnancy I was wearing the genie bras all the time (I was in hospital and didn't care about monoboob grin )
Sorry about the itching sad

HazleNutt Wed 07-Jan-15 10:18:27

and yes, your back definitely expands as well - I went from 32 to 36 last time.

theonewiththenoisychild Wed 07-Jan-15 13:05:08

i am 28 weeks and i have gone up a back size maybe more and dread to think what cup size id measure in normal bras. im wearing nursing bras at the moment they just stretch as you grow. get some with lots of hook and eye settings so they last. i have found my panache ones the best and they will probably still fit right the way through nursing aswell. worth the more expensive price tag to me and those ones havent given me a mono boob either grin
the itching has been driving me crazy. tried aveeno which i use for my eczema but it didnt help much but palmers cocoa butter helps quite a bit

theonewiththenoisychild Wed 07-Jan-15 14:35:47

just to let you know they have panache nuraing bras brand new with tags on ebay £9.99 free postage. ive just brought one paid £25 each for my other 2 and they were reduced. very happy pregnant lady right now grin

birchwoods Wed 07-Jan-15 17:55:13

I thoroughly recommend the Belvia bras, they are so comfy and stretchy and very affordable. They don't cling anywhere so might be more comfortable for you as I know I find normal bras itchy as they dig in all the time.

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