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Faint positive Clear Blue

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Stace27 Sun 21-Dec-14 10:47:32

Hi. I was due on my period last Sat but it's still not arrived! I did a morrisons own pregnancy test yesterday which came back with a faint positive. So I did a clearblue this morning with first morning urine and that also came back faint positive but a lot fainter than the morrisons one. Any advice would be appreciated! Could I be pregnant?

radiobedhead Sun 21-Dec-14 10:50:49

You've had two positive tests. Yes! smile

Stace27 Sun 21-Dec-14 10:54:44

Thanks for your reply Radio! I've uploaded the pic of the Clear blue do u think that is a positive with it being so faint? Trying not to build my hopes up just incase confused

OhMjh Sun 21-Dec-14 10:57:31

Mine was a lot fainter than that and I'm sat cuddling my 3 week old as I type smile congratulations, you're going to be a mummy!

Stace27 Sun 21-Dec-14 11:03:50

Aww I got goosebumps reading that last thread! I think I will get a digital just to make sure but if it's right it will be a much longed for baba! Congratulation on your bundle of joy hope your enjoying mummyhood!

Teakind Sun 21-Dec-14 11:04:05

Positive! Congratulations!

I don't know if anyone has the same experience with those tests but i found the line starts to fade. The FRER stay nice and pink though smile

DanyStormborn Sun 21-Dec-14 11:14:40

That's positive. Congratulations. Different tests have different sensitivities and it doesn't correlate that the more expensive fancier packaged ones are the most sensitive. I did a few tests and found CB was one of the most difficult to detect the positive result on, I found he knew with pink lines easier to read.

DanyStormborn Sun 21-Dec-14 11:15:50

*he knew = the ones
Stupid iPad!

Stace27 Sun 21-Dec-14 11:30:04

Thanks Ladies! I'll probably do another 5 million tests before it sinks in smile

slightlyworriednc Sun 21-Dec-14 11:36:43

I did 5 with my first! Congratulations...and Merry Christmas fgrin

Jenny1231990 Sun 21-Dec-14 11:39:47

Congratulations. Mine were fainter than this. And my daughter is now 7months old hehe.
I had to keep testing. In the end my OH hid the tests and told me to just enjoy it.
Use a digital one and leave it there.
Big hugs xx

Crystal049 Sun 21-Dec-14 11:53:54

Congrats - defo positive! Xxx

Stace27 Sun 21-Dec-14 15:37:37

I couldn't resist and have just done a Clearblue digital which came back.....pregnant 1-2 weeks smile were over the moon. Thanks for your comments.

Shan28 Wed 03-Jun-15 15:12:52

Hi guys just a quick question and I'm so confused I need help with my situation!!
Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby we have done pregnancy test with have all said negative but I'm getting pregnancy symptoms eg extreame tiredness, sore boobs, mood swings, food cravings , needing to wee more etc, I did a clear blue pregnancy test yesterday which is the day before my period was due which at first came back negative but when I went back to it later on it said positive.
Has anybody else every experienced this?

ejclementine Wed 03-Jun-15 18:33:44

If you read it after 10 minutes you are probably seeing an evaporation line. You need to judge it by the reading you get within 3 minutes. I'd leave it a couple of days and try another test using your first morning wee.

Shan28 Wed 03-Jun-15 22:39:47

Thankyou for your advice

Susie01deZ Wed 18-May-16 01:19:19

Hi I'm new on here I was wondering if I can get some advise I have a faint test and its two days away from my period I have cramping and white discharge I will try to up load a picture I got the results in less then 3 min.

Susie01deZ Wed 18-May-16 01:20:36

What do you all think?

Fridgedooropen Wed 18-May-16 01:32:52

I can't see a positive line on that picture I'm afraid. Maybe test again in a couple of days? Good luck.

LolaStarr Wed 18-May-16 07:54:06

I can see a very very faint line suzie. Blue dye tests are awful, really hard to read, try a pink dye one. I used Asdas own and I really liked them.

Mariamata Wed 17-Aug-16 05:43:17

Hi everyone i am new to this website. Trying to conceive to this pregnancy test earlier today. Does anyone see the positive sign or is it just me??

LolaStarr Wed 17-Aug-16 07:22:06

maria that's a positive. Congratulations!

drinkyourmilk Wed 17-Aug-16 07:24:23

Yep, that's positive. Congratulations!
If you want to double check first response tests show really well, or get a one that actually says 'pregnant '.

Dixiechick17 Wed 17-Aug-16 13:04:12

Maria that's the same as the faint test I had, she is now a 14 month old. Congrats

Mariamata Wed 17-Aug-16 17:17:06

Just took this other test than i went to my OB yo take a test there but their test came back negative sad

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