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What's this about? A little TMI

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PerpetualStudent Fri 19-Dec-14 18:48:32

Got a grim set of symptoms that I can't seem to find mention of online, so hoping you ladies can help.

Im 16+4, earlier this afternoon got what felt like exruciating trapped wind pains. They came & went in waves & felt awful.
After feeling constipated I was able to, um, evacuate things. It didn't make me feel better & I then threw up a couple of times, also adding some D to the V for good measure sad

I've been reading trapped wind during pregnancy can be common & pretty painful, but nothing I've seen mentions vomiting too. Has anyone had similar symptoms?
I know if it's trapped wind it's not dangerous, & also d&v bugs are ok as long as you keep hydrated, but Im just scared it could be food poisioning, though I can't think of anything particularly dodgy which I've eaten...

Feeling ok now, little shakey, but actually peckish - too spooked to risk eating anything yet though!

Sorry if oversharing, just a nervous pregnant lady!!

VikingLady Fri 19-Dec-14 20:39:54

Trapped wind can make you throw up, yes. Basically your whole digestive system is hyper-sensitive.

My midwife recommended deflatine for trapped wind. It's brilliant!

My problem was the other way round - morning sickness gives me the runs!

PerpetualStudent Fri 19-Dec-14 20:49:00

Really? What japes this pregnancy lark is! Will seek out some deflatine, thanks.

Dogsmom Fri 19-Dec-14 21:25:01

Could be heartburn? I never realised how bloody painful it was until it had me in tears, I don't think it makes you sick so that could be a separate issue.

Food poisoning isn't pleasant but as you said just keep hydrated, I ended up at the docs this year on holiday with it at 18 weeks pregnant and she told me not to worry about the baby as she would be fine, our bodies are designed to give them what they need from our body stores and we just have to keep hydrated and let it pass, I had to take diaoralyte and those dextrol sugar sweets.
She said they don't like to give anti sickness or anti runs medication as it can prolong it so it was a case of feeling rubbish and waiting for it to run its course.
Hope you feel better soon.x

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