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Is this pre-labour?

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UML Mon 15-Dec-14 09:17:02


For the last few days I suddenly have periods in the evening where I feel very weak and out of it... I eat Abd sometimes it gets better but it's just strange..

Last night in the middle of the night I had an hour of weakness, feeling nauseous, and period type pain... No cramps as such...A few braxton hicks early morning but that weirdness threw me a little...

This is my fourth pregnancy and my previous pregnancies have all mainly started with braxton hicks which developed into labour...

This weirdness has thrown me a little...! The baby seems to adopt different positions... So not always head down... But not really understanding my body!

Has anyone experienced this too as pre labour? I often get braxton hicks at night randomly which make me run to loo after (no diahorrea they just set my bowels off a bit) but nothing like that last night...

Any comments would be very much appreciated!


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