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Feeling relieve thanks to my midwife today at 24 week app.

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skyra13 Thu 11-Dec-14 14:18:22

Just wanted to do a shout-out for my midwife really as she has made me feel better today.
Last time my blood pressure was slightly raised at midwife at 16 weeks due to worry over my job.
I seem to be a natural worrier with things and I had my first consultant appointment a few weeks ago and yes I am over weight but she made me feel horrible, and she then mentioned my Blood pressure seemed high for someone in pregnancy, this was news to me as my midwife has not mentioned my blood pressure being high. She said that it needs to be monitored on a regular basis she didn't care who by but needed to be checked she really stressed this to me and made me worry and that I need to have my blood pressure checked every week from 24 weeks.
I had my 24 week appointment today with midwife currently 23+3.
Now I told my midwife about the consultant appointment she is a Band 7 midwife so I think she knows what she is talking about, I told her what had happened at my appointment with consultant she looked baffled she then looked at my notes, we check my blood pressure and was normal she then said seems my consultant is low down and doesn't seem to have a clue what she is on about an my blood pressure is fine and was probably elevated in hospital as I did't want to be there ( I was worried as I didn't know what to expect) and seems I have white collar syndrome.
She told me that I have nothing to worry about and my pregnancy is normal and healthy and that I do not need to worry. Just really wanted to say that my midwife is lovely and has never judged me on my weight and has made me feel much better about my self. smile Just very thankful for my midwife today.

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