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pregnant again after 2 miscarriages

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soph123kay Wed 10-Dec-14 20:17:49

hello i would like some advice if anybody can help. i am pregnant again after 2 miscarriages its advice about pregnancy tests i need. after the 2 miscarriages the lines was very faint and came up after a few minuits this time the line came up straight away and was very very strong is this a good sign?
thanks for any advice xx

Mummywithlove Wed 10-Dec-14 21:04:29

sorry about ur loses (had 2mc and now preg 39+6) i was exactly the same as u, previous test were faint but with this one complete opposite! if the lines are strong i would personally say that ur hormones are high which is good in pregnancy,, i know exactly how u feel wink but good luck and hope everything works out fine grin xx

Brummiegirl15 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:50:42

So sorry about your losses. I've had 2 x mc this year and I'm currently 5+5 and I feel your fear!!!

Absolutely a strong line is a really good sign!! Try the clear blue digital ones if you really want to be sure. Keeping everything crossed for you

funchum8am Wed 10-Dec-14 21:56:57

I was always told that the faintness of the lines doesn't matter but i had two MCs with faint lines on tests, then DD was a normal, straightforward pregnancy after a much stronger line and now 38+4, again after a much stronger line on the test. So while I am only one individual it was good news for me when the test lines were stronger. I really hope it is the same for you this time!

soph123kay Wed 10-Dec-14 22:46:49

i hope so too. im sorry about all ur losses. i did test 2 weeks ago and so far so good last times i only made it a few days after testing. and congrats aswell ladies on ur pregnancy's!! xxx

leanne963 Thu 11-Dec-14 10:23:05

Last pregnancy with ended in MC the line was very strong but this pregnancy which I am currently 16w4d I did a test at 3w6d and it was very very faint.
I don't know at what date it starts to get stronet but I would guess 3w6d is very early!

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