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Anyone working late into pregnancy and how are your work treating you?

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Mammanat222 Tue 09-Dec-14 13:41:38

I am 34w and my last day will be 4 weeks today shock

I wanted to work as long as possible on this side so I can be at home with baby for as long as possible.

I am however pretty shocked at how shitty my work are being?

Instead of reducing my workload - my replacement started 2 weeks ago so she'll be fully up to speed - it has increased.

I am covering the festive period, which is fine as I'll be away next Xmas but I am being given a mounting pile of stuff to do which frankly should be done prior to my colleagues going on leave

I have a few days leave left to use but as my manager has decided not to
train my replacement to do a few things I currently - these will be left to her an my colleague - it means I am now being told when I can take my remaining leave (a random Thursday and a random Tuesday)

Sorry this is turning into a rant, I have been at my co. for 13 years and worked with manager whole time and colleague for 10 of these years so I am just a bit upset they are being so shitty.

Colleague is blatantly leaving things she should be doing now for me and ignoring my emails when I gently remind her XYZ is still outstanding.

Both people in question are childless, and this will be my second maternity leave so all I can think is they are annoyed I am swanning off again.

I am tired and I am struggling [work FT, have a 2 year old DS] and I just thought by now I'd be doing my handovers and taking it a bit easier.

Jaffakake Tue 09-Dec-14 18:54:15

Im planning on working till 36 weeks, but from Jan I'm using holiday to reduce my hours from 4.5 days over 4 days to a straight 4 days a week. My new boss is rather enlightened & said he would rather have me for longer but be refreshed!

Last time I worked till 36 weeks but was full pelt till the end as I didn't have a replacement & was handing over to overloaded colleagues.

What I've learnt over the years is, even people you've worked with for years & think are friends are often all about making their lives easier or covering their arses, not being sympathetic! Sad, but true & I don't intend to be like them.

Fattyfattyyumyum Tue 09-Dec-14 19:01:18

Don't do more than you can cope with. Simple as that really. They will cope without you when they have to, but until they have to I guess they like to get their pound of flesh. Stick to your hours, make sure there's an email trail of why things aren't being done on time and try your best to disengage. Family first.

SoMuchForSubtlety Tue 09-Dec-14 19:24:14

I worked to 38+2. Work was fine re workload but they had no choice not to be.

I sat down with my replacement and made a handover plan then just worked my way through it ie once something was handed over on the list it was hers and that was it.

She was really good about it but I'm not sure I would have cared if she wasn't - it wasn't like my deadline could be extended by a month! I did my side of the handover properly, if no one catches the ball you throw at them it's not really your fault.

silverfishlondon Wed 10-Dec-14 20:45:39

I signed off sick 3 weeks earlier than had planned to start mat leave. Massively inconvenient to them with no notice for replacement, but it was they're fault for not looking after me better. Dispite how they had treated me I felt really guilty but it was really needed. Husband said I was like a different person after a couple of days rest.

I realised it wasn't just getting through each exhausting day that was hard, but I was actually really stressed about how I'd get through the next day, and knowing it was getting harder all the time.

If I'd felt supported I could have negotiated changes to keep me going. But wasn't the case. For example one day I asked boss if she could book me in a break in the days work so I could rest/ eat, she said ok reluctantly but told me I should be able to manage that workload, where clearly I was telling her I was struggling. (She doesn't have kids, or partner, or interests outside work..)

Sorry..rant rant, still bitter clearly!

OhTheDrama Wed 10-Dec-14 21:08:34

I am working until a few days short of 38 weeks and to be frank work seem to have forgotten the fact I'm pregnant. My job is client facing with very demanding clients and I'm just expected just to carry on as normal putting up with their abuse and treated like a pita when I ask for extra support. Will probably now go off a bit earlier before my mat leave cover starts, screw them.

butterfly86 Wed 10-Dec-14 21:19:40

I worked until 36 weeks and work made no allowances I'm in a job where I stand for long periods my feet were so swollen and I kept getting sent in to hospital because of swelling and bp, I remember one day struggling to clean something really low down I had to get on my knees as I couldn't bend and my boss stood and watched me angry I wanted to work as far as possible to have the time off with baby but in hindsight I wish I'd left a bit earlier I was nackered and nobody cared I've worked there for 10 years and they knew I'd had lots of previous troubles they still didn't care! ...dd was born at 37+5 so I didn't get much rest once I did leave either! Look after yourself!

lmb21010 Mon 15-Dec-14 11:52:51

I don't know when I shall start my leave yet but I'm a hca so no handover needed. I'm only 10/11 weeks and struggling already! had my risk assessment on Friday and been put on "light duties" and been told to refuse to do things if I need to. Thing is I feel really bad for this. I'm making things harder for my colleagues. I'm thinking after Xmas I'll ask to come off hca work and go to activities or paperwork. Feel like I may as well leave now!

Number3cometome Mon 15-Dec-14 12:46:26

With DS I left 4 weeks before which was too early.
With DD I left on the Monday, had her on the Friday.

This time I intend on working up until the day before (will be a planned C-Section)

My boss has been very good so far, but it is still early days.

Do not allow your work to pressure you in to taking on more than you can handle. Explain that it is better you there working with less of a load, than not at all.

Some companies will try and take the piss.

EmmaJan2015 Tue 16-Dec-14 15:01:25

Mammanat222 I feel your pain!

I'm due end Jan and i'm due to start my maternity leave 9 days before my due date.

The last month or so at work has been horrendous with my workload steadily increasing to ridiculous levels. I spoke to my line manager about this and he agreed to try to find additional support which didnt materialise. A few days later he was asking me when I could take on something new!

Last night one colleague was asking me to help with a report for a client deliverable (not one of mine) at 10pm at night, even though i'd already worked a full day and was knackered.

It was agreed weeks ago with my boss (and HR) that I could work from home for the 2 weeks in the new year before I finish, so that I dont have to deal with the walk to and from the train station and the train commute every day. In the last few days I have been asked if I can attend full day workshop sessions in the new year in the office. I really want to put my foot down and say no but I feel like i'm being pressured into it now.

The only reason I agreed to work in the new year was because it's a really busy period and I could help ease the workload of the rest of the team by still working from home. But it's go to the stage where I wish I hadnt bothered!

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