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annoying cough - should I be worried?

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MrsKCG Sun 07-Dec-14 15:52:47

Hi, I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant and for the last week have had a really annoying cough. Sometimes it's chesty, sometimes it's dry. Went into boots and got some cough syrup today. Since taking it my chest feels a little bit tight, although I'm not necessarily struggling to breathe. Should I try and ride out the cough, or take yet more time off work to go to the doctor?

HappyAsASandboy Sun 07-Dec-14 15:58:01

I'm sorry to say you should probably try to ride out the cough. It won't affect the baby, so other than making it harder for you (because you can't take many drugs!), the cough and the pregnancy make no difference to each other.

I have had a dry/wheezy cough that eventually produces green gunk once I've coughed enough (TMI?!) at the moment. Have had it for a month. I am booked for an ELCS tomorrow and so went to the GP last week to see if there is anything they could do (I am very scared of having the cough with my new scar). She listened to my chest, said it's not a chest infection as no rattle, and sent me on my way. My one ray of hope is that she said codeine is a cough suppressant, so there's a chance my post-section pain relief will help with the cough!

I hope your cough clears up soon (and mine too!).

MrsKCG Sun 07-Dec-14 19:34:12

Thanks for the reply. I think the doctor will tell me to just ride it out too, but at least that means it's nothing to worry about. Just so annoying, it's keeping my husband awake at night too so neither of us are sleeping very wellconfused

Hope yours goes soon, and good luck with tomorrow!!! How exciting for you, I want my baby here already and I have 23 weeks to go!!!

UML Sun 07-Dec-14 22:58:41

I would get it checked out if it gets any worse or if it hits over a week and it's not going away..

I had a dry cough which ended up changing to a chesty cough in two weeks ... Then I ended up developing a bad chest infection/mild pneumonia and having to take antibiotics and also paracetamol for rib pain which I am still getting over...

So don't worry about it but keep an eye on it ... Your body is suppressed a bit immune wise in pregnancy so things can get worse...

Try to look after yourself if you can!

EstRusMum Mon 08-Dec-14 00:16:47

Happy could you please write an update on your ELCS and cough situation later? I am having one in less than 4 weeks and have had a cough for about 5 weeks now. GP said it's not a chest infection, so I just need to continue living normal life until section. I'm worried about how will they cut me when I can't lie on my back without coughing(and occasionally vomiting). And afterwards as well.
MrsKCG I doubt anything will change if you'll go on some medications. My cough didn't anyway. sad

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