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Paranoid and anxious

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Becca1818 Thu 04-Dec-14 21:51:51

I am now 30+3 and I am starting to feel very nervous. I'm not nervous about the labour (although I'm sure I will be soon enough) I'm worried that there might be something wrong and I can't stop thinking about it. I didn't have the nuchal fold test at 12 weeks as I was 1 day over the cut off. I had had an early scan and the sonographer put me back 3 days but the sonographer at 12 weeks scan put me forward 3 days back to the original gestation which meant I missed the cut off. I had the quadruple blood test and the results came back at 1 in 100000 which I know is really low but for some reason I just can't stop worrying. My 20 week scan was also fine. But if there is something wrong I don't know how I will react. Am I overreacting? How do i stop panicking? Is this normal?

Swanny84 Thu 04-Dec-14 23:21:33

I think it's normal to worry. We all do. I remember being really anxious about my first born that there would be some facial deformities as auntie has some. I had no testing for downs with any of my pregnancies (this is number 3) as it wouldn't make a difference to me. I wouldn't abort the pregnancy so have left it to luck.
Your baby will be the most amazing thing you've ever seen, I'm sure he/she will be perfectly healthy and you won't believe you've made it and carried it for 9 months.

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