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So fed up of stomach cramps :(

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ClumsyCrocheter Sun 30-Nov-14 18:30:30

5+1 weeks pregnant, and tomorrow I'll be going into the third week of having stomach cramps (period type cramps).
Last night and today have been pretty bad, but I'm sat down now resting and they seem a little better. Still there, but think they are worse when I'm moving around or stressed. How am I going to manage with work tomorrow? sad A stressful and busy day is only going to make it worse I imagine.

TTCMrsF Sun 30-Nov-14 19:14:50

Hi, I started having noticeable cramps at 5 weeks and was a bit took back by them, I'm now 7+3 they are much less often really just once in a while now. Did have a stronger pain one at work sitting at my desk and was not nice.

Hope you have an ok week at work and yours start to ease off soon too. However when they become less often you actually look forward to them as sighs that growing pains are good! grin

elizamorr88 Sun 30-Nov-14 19:59:40

Hi, from 4 weeks pregnant onwards I had severe cramping, sometimes to the point where I was crippled over! The cramping lasted up until 12-14 weeks and only completely settled around 20 weeks. I am now 26 weeks and all scans have shown a healthy baby! Please try not to worry, most of the time cramping is a sign that everything is developing and stretching to accommodate baby! I was really nervous and had two scans before my 12 weeks! If it all gets too much give your midwife/EPU a call and I'm sure a scan can be arranged! Good luck, let me know how you get on x

ClumsyCrocheter Sun 30-Nov-14 20:56:56

Thank you very much for the reassurance smile
For the first time, they woke me up a few times last night, and woke up again with them this morning, and I was terrified to move as I'd convinced myself there would be blood everywhere. So in my mind, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I've miscarried. Over dramatic I know! But it's been a tough few months, so it's hard to believe something so amazing could be happening. So your replies have reassured me a bit, thank you smile

ClumsyCrocheter Sun 30-Nov-14 20:59:11

I have to sit as a reader for a mock exam tomorrow for 2 whole hours as well. God knows how I'm going to manage sitting there with the pain, and not being allowed to leave the room. Hope I don't need a wee or am sick!
Congrats to you both on your pregnancies btw smile

PregnantAndEngaged Sun 30-Nov-14 21:45:32

Cramping is very normal in early pregnancy (but it is scary when you don't expect it... I certainly didn't!). I'm now 10 weeks and I only got cramping until I was 6 weeks pregnant and then it calmed down. It has started again a couple of days ago but it's just a sign your uterus is expanding and your body is going through significant changes. It's weird but if I don't feel cramps some weeks I worry something has happened, so it is quite reassuring as it reminds me that something is definitely going on in there.

For now, sit in nice warm baths, use hot water bottles, get cuddles when you can.. that will make you feel better smile Baths are the best thing for cramping.

Also it could be partly due to increased gas when pregnant (I was amazed how much gas my body seemed to randomly start producing when I first got pregnant. Peppermint tea was a great help and actually helped to ease cramping too which was probably exacerbated a bit by wind I didn't always know was there).

Gemzybelle Sun 30-Nov-14 22:04:26

I had horrible cramping in first tri, so much so that I was convinced something was going wrong. Im now 20 weeks. It's perfectly normal (and fairly common) flowers

Emz1989 Sun 30-Nov-14 22:45:36

I suffered with awful cramping between about weeks 5-8. Up through the night, struggling to work... Turned out that the main culprit was infact constipation! blush as soon as I got into a 'regular' rhythm, the cramping calmed down! Hope that helps and reassures? I was really quite frightened each time it happened, but you will get past it!

ClumsyCrocheter Mon 01-Dec-14 15:03:32

I'm not constipated - I'm the opposite unfortunately!
It is reassuring to know for some people it is normal. It's just so hard though, because if you google stomach cramps in early pregnancy, one page will say it's fine and normal, another says it's possibly a 'missed' miscarriage. So at what point do I start worrying that it's not normal, and there is something wrong?
I know I sound so so paranoid, but when the pains are there, they sometimes make me convinced I'm miscarrying...I just have a 'feeling' the baby isn't sticking... sad

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