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JessicaRabbit1980 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:38:32

It's 6.30 am and I've been awake, scratching for 3 hours......
I am 10 weeks pregnant today. For the last 3-4 days I have had a hive like rash appear on my elbows and legs - not red unless I scratch it, just raised bumps. Mainly at night or early in the morning, then fading through the day. It's SO itchy. Tonight it is worse than ever - it started about 10pm with little bumps (prob 5mm size) but I've just got up to have a look and the bumps just above my knees (symmetrical on both legs-odd???) are HUGE now - more like 6cm diameter.
I am very worried, I'm freaking out in fact. I'm going to ring my midwife in the morning but has anyone ever had this? I can't find anything online that quite matches this, given that I'm in my first trimester, plus stupid Google has just brought up articles about someone being allergic to her babies and at risk of miscarriage - extra freaking out!
I used to get hives a lot as a child (cause unknown) but not had them for a good 15 years at least.
Any help/ideas? I can deal with the itching, it's more the worry about if it is affecting the little person inside sad
Thanks for reading

AlwaysLurking38 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:49:27

Ive had a rash my entire pregnancy, Doctor said it was a sort of skin fungal which is apparently really common in pregnancy. there wasnt anything he could give me due to toxins leaking through to the placenta and potenially causing harm to the baby.

only last month ( and im 34 weeks now!! ) did i discover that sudocrem is fantastic for the rash i have. and perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. I'd definetly check in with your midwife and doctor though

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