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Sharp pain in c section wound?

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Firstpregnancy2014 Sun 23-Nov-14 11:42:21

It's a week tomorrow since my ELCS, I feel like I've recovered well. That first time standing up I thought I was going to rip in two and I was on fire. Gradually it's got better.

Now I'm fine getting up and down as long as I take things slow, can bend down to pick things up, can wear normal clothes etc and generally not in any pain
However one side of my c section incision still has a burning sensation when i walk/move. It's not unbearable- it's uncomfy and makes me wince abit.
Had my stitches removed yesterday and midwife said everything looks absolutely fine... Did anyone else have this? Or is it just early days ?

Griffomais Sun 23-Nov-14 22:05:59

Very early days - I was up and about straight away but it took a good couple of months until I felt better I had a bit of nerve pain. Even now 1 year on I still get tingling in the scar and it's healed really well. My DD like to stand on me right on the scar and it still makes me feel a bit queasy lol. As long as you are sure there's no infection etc you'll feel better every single day.

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