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Cover for maternity leave (at work)

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FantasticMrsFoxx Wed 19-Nov-14 21:17:47

I'm posting in this section for traffic really so excuse the slightly off topic thread.
I'm sure it's tiredness/hormones but I just wanted some feedback from (currently) working mums-to-be on their work place's plans for their maternity cover.
My HR dept is sh't but senior management have given them a kicking and they've organised a fabulous (on paper) person to cover my ML. I should be grateful they are so organised as my team have been in tears about me leaving (dunno why cos I can be a bit of a demanding cow, and I'm coming back in 9 months, geez!).
I actually have a 2 week handover period (again in shock at the sudden efficiency of HR) but I'm being stupid and am worried that this person is going to be so much better than me at doing my job.
I've planned out a whole 6 months worth of work for my team so they can really just 'press the button' and sit back as most things will run themselves. I guess it's a 'control' thing on my part so can you all please tell me to get a grip!!

KentExpecting Wed 19-Nov-14 21:54:07

I completely understand you! I think most of the work of recruiting my replacement will fall to me and I've decided I'll make them hire someone who can cover no more that 80% of the stuff I do. Evil, isn't it?


avocadotoast Wed 19-Nov-14 22:34:22

My work have said they're getting someone in to replace me, but not sure whether they're just getting someone in to cover my leave, or on a permanent basis hmm makes me a bit edgy!

I do weirdly want to be involved in choosing my replacement though...I think in a way partly so I can make sure they won't be better than me!

TheBooMonster Wed 19-Nov-14 22:39:11

I must admit to going in frequently to check up on my cover, and he did fit right in with the team, made me pretty antsy! Company went into administration without me holding up the whole store though or at least that's what I tell myself, they were actually in a lot of debt and it was inevitable this time I'm just a cog in the machine, no one will notice me go and no one will notice me come back, all feels much safer!

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