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new to mumsnet - need advice !!

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allforchange Wed 19-Nov-14 18:10:50

hi there im new to this so not sure if i have put this in the right place? i am looking for a bit of support/advice , its a bit of a long story so please bare with me .

i was on the implant for approx 7 years after having my dd - almost 9 and my ds - 7, and dp and i decided to try for another. implant was removed in august and i had a period in september and october.

i got a bfp 11 days ago and due to my last period starting 7th october i done online calc and found due date of 14th july although not sure if that is correct as i only had two periods so not sure what my usual length of cycle wld be after having implant out.

6 days ago i had a bit of brown discharge and slight bit of blood, but due to being so early on was told to wait til 6 wks for scan.

i had a scan yesterday and couldnt see anything so they took blood for hormone level test.

was told this morning i am probably looking at a miscarriage as my hcg is 655, still feel preg have sore boobs morning sickness hormones raging etc. genuinely believed midwife will be kicking herself tomorrow when test is repeated and i just earlier on than i thought but tonight have had a bleed again more red this time.

dont know what to think at all sad

EmbarrassedPossessed Wed 19-Nov-14 18:24:02

It's impossible to say what's happening, but the hcg levels seem low for 6 weeks, but still would be high enough to produce symptoms I think.

The test tomorrow should show your hcg doubling (ish) if things are going to plan. If they are the same or dropping then things aren't going as expected and would confirm a problem or a miscarriage.

Sorry you are going through this, the waiting and hoping are a horrible place to be. Hopefully you'll get a definitive answer tomorrow.

allforchange Wed 19-Nov-14 18:29:13

thanks for the reply.

thats what ive been telling myself dp seems convinced im just not as far on as 6 weeks, the wait from thursday to yesterday was terrible and now im just waiting again, ive convinced myself of the worst but just wish i knew because secretly getting my hopes up every time. i guess tomorrow i should (hopefully) know for sure.

both my previous pregnancies were relatively straight forward so this has com as a big shock to dp and myself sad

EmbarrassedPossessed Wed 19-Nov-14 18:44:36

Hmm, I can understand your DH's hopes, but the HCG levels would be very very early on. I suppose you could be 1-2 weeks pregnant and the earlier bleed could have been some kind of period. The test tomorrow should make it clear though - HCG doubling would probably mean a v early pregnancy, the same or falling would mean a miscarriage.

It must be tricky when just coming off contraception as you're not quite sure what your cycle is.

121womancentred Wed 19-Nov-14 19:07:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

EmbarrassedPossessed Wed 19-Nov-14 19:12:04

121, you seem to have posted on the wrong thread.

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