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High blood pressure at 35+6 - what do you think?

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regularbutpanickingabit Mon 17-Nov-14 14:14:06

Can I ask some advice please? I have a growth scan and consultant appt already booked in for tomorrow and think I should just wait until then rather than getting monitored today but don't know if I am being stupid.

I have had high blood pressure all through this pregnancy and have a monitor for home. I tend to be around 127-135/79-83 despite being on twice daily meds.

Took readings last night that were at the upper end of those readings.

Didn't sleep well last night so I am tired. Today I probably spent way too long walking around shopping for Xmas and then came back and ate lunch. Took blood pressure then and was 143/97.

Immediately went to lie on the bed, drank some water and retook it after 30 mins. It was 145/93.

I have taken an extra blood pressure tablet and will retake reading in another 20 mins.

I don't need to move off the bed for another couple of hours. I don't have a headache or significant swelling or eye distortion at all. Baby is moving around.

If the next reading is going down, is it ok just to wait for appts tomorrow? The hospital is a very uncomfortable 30 min drive away and has a very stressful parking situation. Going for monitoring would also add major stress for school pick ups with my older 2.

Getting through on the phone is a hopeless task.

What do you think?

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 17-Nov-14 14:44:53

Ok, have called day centre. Need to try again in an hour. If it is around 140/90 then ok, higher than call again.

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