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Flying long-haul

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evangelinelily Thu 06-Nov-14 14:27:44

Has anyone flown really long-haul at 21-24 weeks pregnant.....? With a 16mo on your lap? Or are none of you that stupid? I'm set to do this trip shortly and I'm getting super stressed about it. Is it just going to be 14 hours of hell?

SaBearOz Thu 06-Nov-14 15:10:08

I will be doing it for 24 hours at 21 weeks and a 15 month old and a 3 year old in tow plus DH. I am expecting it to be horrible but it's only 1 day (I keep repeating this to myself to stop any anxiety)

bagofsnakes Thu 06-Nov-14 18:28:50

I flew long haul this summer was about 16 weeks on the way out and 20 weeks on the way back, 10 hours each way, just me and my 2 year old! It actually wasn't that bad at all I just had to plan and prepare more.

I did have a seat for DS which made life easier but then he had to have one as he was 2+. Could you get the bulkhead seat? I don't know about other airlines but BA does a bassinet to strap onto the fold down shelf of babies 0-6 months and then they have car seat-type thing for babies 6-24 months. This means that you get space for your DC to sleep without paying for an extra seat. DS last used one when he was 13 or 14 months and it worked well. Even if you can't get that car seat-thingy, a bulkhead seat would be a good idea as you'd have a bit more space and your DC could get down onto the floor to play.

When I fly long haul with DS I make sure that I have a ton of things to entertain him, I load the Ipad with shows and apps, take new little toy, playdough, snacks (eating's an activity!) all kinds of stuff. He eventually gets tired and sleeps for most of the journey.

As for the whole pregnancy thing, I did find it a bit tricky to managed all the bags and walking but, through the kindness of strangers mostly, I managed. I also found that my lower legs and feet really did swell, I'd probably take compression socks next time.

It might be madness and the journey might not be wonderful but it's a fixed amount of time and hopefully your destination will be worth it. For mean spending 4 weeks with the in-laws was well worth it. They lavished attention on DS, I lay on the sofa and ate smile

Maxis1 Thu 06-Nov-14 18:51:19

Due to fly longhaul this weekend myself. luckily just me and no toddler in toe. am week 27 now and my GP was fine with it but said to make sure you wear compression socks. now from my granny I know that the socks can put pressure onto the veins in your knee so you are actually better off getting over-knee ones or tights.
Ended up getting me some circulation boosting tights at boots which I hope will do the trick. GP also said to drink a lot and either walk around or do exercises for your lower legs and feet.

WiIdfire Thu 06-Nov-14 19:09:54

Agree with others. Remember you will be at increased rick of DVT, so you MUST wear flight socks and make sure you get up and walk around as much as possible. As for the rest of it ... Erm... Good luck? grin

WiIdfire Thu 06-Nov-14 19:10:49

*risk not rick, clearly.

evangelinelily Thu 06-Nov-14 23:39:19

Thank you all so much for sharing. Especially the advise about the socks as I fly fairly regularly and never wear them, just walk around. Not usually pregnant and always have DH there so much easier!

3 of us recently flew 7.5h/8hrs overnight and she really didn't sleep brillianty. It was Qantas/Emirates and at her age bassinet was a no-go. She slept the odd 30 mins here and there on us, but at least we could take it in turns. This time it's BA. We're at the bulkhead and I think we have a car seat thingy. The problem is she does not fall asleep easily anywhere other than bed. She will have a 20 minute screaming fit beforehand! I think I will just have to forget about everyone else and crack on. Thanks for all the ideas for toys, apps, games etc. Had better start getting organised.

I also have a 1.5hr domestic transfer, not looking forward to hanging around airport between flights with toddler after probably an all-nighter. Last time the domestic flight wasn't great because it was a smaller aircraft, no bulkhead/leg room etc. The doing it all again 2 weeks later. Sorry I sound really negative, just feeling very anxious!

As if that wasn't enough, I am actually considering doing the same thing again next with a 4-8 week old newborn and 21-22mth old. Eek. My thinking is that newborn will just sleep and breastfeed. I also have the opportunity to split the journey with a two day stopover with friends. Anyway..... that's another post.

bagofsnakes Fri 07-Nov-14 09:04:42

evangelinelily, sure you're going to be fine. I did a ton of googling to get tips and tricks to make a long haul alone with me DS easier and it really did help, there's plenty of great ideas out there.

As for your next trip, we first flew with DS when he was 5-6 weeks (4 hours) and then again when he was 10 weeks (10 hours) and in retrospect they were the easiest. You're right, the vibrations and noise of the plane just send little babies right to sleep. I think he slept, just waking to feed, for the whole duration of both flights. Maybe the odd little cry. They were only a bit of a challenge for us because we were new to both babies and flying with babies. You won't be new to either.

I'm also planning a trip when DC2 will be 12-16 weeks and DS will be nearly three... definitely a whole new world of planning! But how bad can it be... right? smile

All the best for your trip x

BiddyPop Fri 07-Nov-14 09:20:31

I flew to Cuba and back (via CDG) when I was 10 and 12 weeks respectively. But no toddler in tow. I think the CDG-Cuba leg was about 9 hours flying time (it could have been a bit longer, I know Brazil was longer but I was alone and not pg that trip).

I made sure I wore my flight socks, (which I only tend to remember sporadically normally), I drank loads of water, I didn't have enough of a bump to look (gently) for really good seats or an upgrade but you might be able to (just a gentle hint or 1 direct but polite question - no moaning or badgering).

There were lots of babies on our recent 10.5 hr from Calgary to London (BA). Some cried, some didn't. Some slept, some sporadically, some didn't at all. But that was the same with the adults (well, apart from the crying!!).

The stewardesses/stewards were all great at helping parents once the main important bits were done - so once the first boarding rush was done, came out before serving dinner and then were back for chatting and helping after dinner and clearup were done, and after breakfast before the rush of landing prep they sorted the chairs/basinnets/settling back into seats/seatbelts again too in a lovely helpful way. So getting a nice crew can really be half the battle, and I have always found BA crews to be very nice and caring when time allows (Air France can be but can be abrupt on occasion, KLM generally ok but direct, I hate all American crews with avengence - Delta, American Airlines, US Airways - all we've used so far have been awful!!),

DanyStormborn Fri 07-Nov-14 10:05:35

Sorry not you exact situation or as challenging but I flew very long haul at 7 and 10 weeks whilst feeling extremely nauseated and I got very scared of how awful I would feel but is wasn't that bad at all. I wore flight socks and drank lots of water. I just flew very short haul twice at 21 weeks and was comfortable and think I wouldn't have minded being on the plane longer, it was far more bearable at this stage without the nausea and I still fit into the seat just fine smile

BiddyPop Fri 07-Nov-14 11:01:34

I forgot that I continued to fly short haul (quite a few 1-2.5 hr trips) up until 4 days past my "no longer allowed fly" deadline (I think it was 32 weeks on Aer Lingus at that stage - I had to do a week in Geneva but the direct flight home was only twice a week).

They were all grand, except that VERY last flight when I burst into tears as we lifted off. I think it was a combination of a manic fortnight (I'd spent the previous week having 4 days in Brussels, so DH had come to Bru for the weekend as easier than me going home and Gva was busy too), and also realizing that while I might be back travelling once "chuckles" arrived, it would almost certainly never be the same again (as in, so carefree, take all week without a thought, DH meeting me abroad for the weekend.....). And I was sitting next to a senior private sector businessman too (that I knew from work and had met up with his group a couple of times during the week) - but he just passed me a tissue and let me mop myself up in peace. I was fine once I had a cup of proper Barry's tea from the hostess!! (almost 2 weeks without a "proper" cup of tea is a LOOOOONNNG time, especially when you are pg and limiting yourself to a single cup of coffee a day!! - or, at least it was in my casegrin).

Maxis1 Fri 07-Nov-14 18:57:43

I was flying short haul at 18 & 19 weeks and even though I had my jeans open I kinda felt they were shrinking on me. I dont care what people think but this time I will be flying in my comfy track bottoms.
Make you wear losely fitting cloths they can make such a difference!

Loveinsea Fri 07-Nov-14 21:00:34

I will be flying from US to Australia soon when I will be around 20 weeks. Fortunately no toddlers in tow. I plan to wear comfortable maternity leggings and my compression socks. Drink a lot of water and walk around.

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