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Breathlessness - 3rd trimester

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freelancegirl Mon 03-Nov-14 08:48:33

Ugh. Anyone else finding breathing is increasingly hard at times? I'm feeling like my lungs are all squashed up at the top. I'm 31 weeks with my second and this baby is breech like my previous one. Maybe it's because there's s big head pushing up my lungs? The only thing that makes it better is lying down on my side so I can stretch out my chest. That and taking some of the pressure off with a bath. Anyone else feeling like this?

tomanyanimals Mon 03-Nov-14 08:59:05

Yep 33 weeks baby is breech and if he decides to stretch I blooming know about it now. i find I need to lie on my back or right hand side to get comfy as I'm sure I get a foot in the hip to give him leverage in any other position

freelancegirl Mon 03-Nov-14 15:21:23

Thank goodness someone else too! Dr Google tells me it's normal - breathless in early pregnancy due to progesterone and later due to all your organs being squashed but it sure makes walking upstairs and especially sitting at a desk uncomfortable.

cheshirem2b Mon 03-Nov-14 15:34:28

Yep! 31+4 here! Baby isn't breech but I get a bum and feet shoved up near my lungs! I sing as a hobby and started noticing then that my breath control was not as good and these last few days it seems to have got a bit worse again! I'm sat on an office chair in work and feel really restricted so have to keep standing up and moving to give baby a bit more space. Only 8 or so weeks to go...!

freelancegirl Mon 03-Nov-14 18:13:56

I can't wait not to be pregnant any more! And be able to move and breathe properly again!

BlingBubbles Mon 03-Nov-14 18:17:38

I am 30weeks and walking up a flight of stairs has me feeling like I am have just run a marathon!!!

This is my second pregnancy and is far worse than the first time!

Roll on January when I get to have have my body back

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