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12 weeks and morning sickness STARTING??

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BreeVDKamp Sat 01-Nov-14 10:11:54

I have been fine up until now, only symptom really was sore boobs, tiredness and mood swings! But I felt sick all day yesterday (12+2) and still do today really. Haven't been sick though.

I'd know if I had listeriosis/toxowhatsitosis wouldn't I? Maybe I ate something a bit dodgy. That won't harm the baby will it?? confused

I have felt less pregnant this week and am paranoid anyway so I am just a bit worried. My womb feels less present! Fewer twinges and stuff. Owh. Scan on Monday but we were going to tell some people this weekend.

Carks31 Sat 01-Nov-14 10:24:25

Honestly, don't worry. The wait for the scan is so stressful, and any type of food poisoning would have made you actually be sick rather than just feeling it.
My sickness in pregnancy started around the 12 week mark just before my first scan. Sickness can strike at any stage of pregnancy (and any time of day, not just mornings). Congratulations and I'm sure all will be well on Monday

BreeVDKamp Mon 03-Nov-14 15:20:44

Thanks so much for replying Carks, helped me not worry over the weekend smile scan was all AOK as well smile

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