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Ear Ache and Prescribed Antibiotic Drops Sofradex

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Jersey37 Fri 31-Oct-14 11:11:54

Hi there - just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with doctors. I had an ear ache at 8 weeks and 13 weeks. I was originally prescribed Sofradex, but when I read the leaflet and did some research, it seems that the medicine contains a steroid not meant for pregnancy and an antibiotic not meant for pregnancy. I asked the pharmacist and he said I could try acetic acid - as that was perfectly safe. So that helped and then it came back. When back to the doctor and she was really mad that I hadn't used the Sofradex. Claiming that it won't enter the bloodstream and that it was topical only. Whilst I understand the logic there, everywhere I researched said there wasn't enough evidence either way - so the benefits to the mother's health has to be taken into account. She gave me Amoxicillin - and it cleared up.

It then came back a month later at the beginning of my 2nd Trimester - and again a different doctor gave me another spray - same type of drugs - She promised it would be ok for baby. I gave in - mainly because I was past the first trimester but I took it and got tinnitus - after 4 days - which is a listed side effect and it wasn't helping anyway with the ache so I stopped. They gave me Amoxicillin again and it cleared up.

Now I'm 35 weeks, and blasted ear problem back again. Yet another doctor has given me the Sofradex - despite me voicing my concerns AGAIN - he completely dismissed me and here I go again. I know I'm much further along in pregnancy - but I just wish they would take into account the stress of using such a medicine... even if the smallest chance of harming your baby. I know from their perspective it probably seems irrational to want to take something systemically rather than topically - but for me it is about what is proven and not proven. I guess I will try again with the drops until Monday and if not helping I will return again and demand Amoxicillin. Grrr.

Sorry for the long post - just wondering if anyone else prescribed medicines that weren't completely known to be safe...

LittlePeasMummy1 Fri 31-Oct-14 12:03:27

Hello, the manufacturers of most medicines do not advise their use in pregnancy because ethical issues around carrying out trials on pregnant women mean that they have not been tested in this group. However, for many medicines, there is at least some evidence of their safety ( or otherwise) in pregnancy from information that is collected once drugs have been available for some time, and have been used, sometimes inadvertently, by pregnant women. This is the type of information that your doctor will have used to weigh up whether the benefits of you taking a particular medicine is likely to outweigh any risk, and it is perfectly appropriate to do this, although it should be discussed with you. Topically applied medicines are largely considered not to reach the baby in amounts large enough to do any harm. And the baby's body and organs develop in the first 12 weeks, so after this point, a medicine will not cause a birth defect in the baby. If you have concerns, your doctor should be happy to discuss them with you, it is important that infections are appropriately treated in pregnancy.

Jersey37 Fri 31-Oct-14 17:26:59

Thank you Little Peas - that is kind of what I thought. I guess because you only get 10 min with a doctor, they often don't take the time to explain that to you and leave you to read the leaflet where manufacturers tend to cover their backside. If it were just me - I wouldn't worry - but when it is your baby (and your first child) - anxiety tends to take over!

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