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Hey anyone good at seeing nubs on scans and guessing the gender please

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tezza1989xx Wed 24-Sep-14 21:22:09

I'm soo intrigued and don't no what I'm looking for. Thank u

Quitelikely Wed 24-Sep-14 21:24:35

I think it's a boy

tezza1989xx Wed 24-Sep-14 22:02:40

What makes u think that. X

tezza1989xx Thu 25-Sep-14 08:51:30

Any other thoughts please

keelyboo Thu 25-Sep-14 09:16:32

Im not expert but im fairly certain you cant see a nub at all on that pic sorry

Jodie1982 Thu 25-Sep-14 09:26:07

I cnt see the nub thing but going by Skull theory I'm thinking a Boy. My scan looked like a Boy and was proven correct at a 17wk Gender Scan.

leanne963 Thu 25-Sep-14 09:58:46

100% boy congratulations xx

bella777 Thu 25-Sep-14 11:32:05

Probably a boy. I had a really long 12 week scan (Kings College do a more in depth scan than usual) and ours looked something like this.

However, I didn't know but the nub can sort of move (especially if it's a boy maybe?) as our sonographer was first leaning towards a girl, but when he moved around the nub moved and she was confident to say definitely a boy!

tezza1989xx Thu 25-Sep-14 12:11:40

Ahh thanks all. I was thinking boy looking at the pic from the skull theory. I'm. Well excited. Xx

tezza1989xx Thu 25-Sep-14 12:19:49

Here is another image smile

tezza1989xx Thu 25-Sep-14 16:55:35


kira122 Thu 18-Dec-14 17:26:01

I'm 13 weeks this Sunday and had my scan done at 12 weeks, there is no nub on here. Could anyone suggest what they think via skull theory?

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