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Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

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Lovekarma Mon 01-Sep-14 18:49:40

Hi there,
I'm new to mums net so bear with me if I'm not good with all the lingo!
I wanted to ask someone's advice. I think I am having early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy? I've googled all my symptoms to within an inch of its life and I know what your thinking I should just go to the doctor. Which I know I should but with 3 children, husband away and a negative pregnancy test I'm hoping your advice may be more useful than my not so helpful doctor.
So, husband and I had drunken unprotected sex 2 and a half weeks ago. I shamefully went to get the morning after pill within 24 hours feeling like a teenager. No problems with the tablet etc. the following two weeks I have had terrible cramping, I guess like period pains but nothing happening. Last week I 'felt' pregnant. Morning sickness type feeling, lump in your throat but still quite bad tummy pains. The last 3 days, so 3 days late for my period, I have had strange bleeding? Definitely not my period. Not a huge amount but brown blood to begin with and now bright red. I still have tummy cramps but no longer feel sick? So it all sounds very pregnant and perhaps as though not going down a great path but I have just done a test and its negative? I'm very confused. Something really just doesn't feel right. Do you think perhaps the morning after pill is giving me strange bleeding/spotting or pregnancy and it's just too early for the test? Sorry if I'm really waffling now but I need to add that our 'fun' evening I've realised, I would have been ovulating so I'm not sure if the morning after pill works so well then? Any advice, or false negatives with ectopic experience would be gladly received. Thanks

rubyinthedust Mon 01-Sep-14 18:57:55

I had an ectopic and I can tell you that I tested negative a LONG time. My period was 8 days late and I tested negative during this time, then I started bleeding brown, then red, so figured my period had just come late. Couple days later I had terrible cramps so went to the doctor and I tested positive then. I was rushed to hospital where it was found that my left tube had ruptured and it had to be removed.

So - what you're experiencing may well be symptoms from the morning-after pill, but it is entirely possible to test negative and have an ectopic, so you should definitely go and get checked.

Hope this helps!

Lovekarma Mon 01-Sep-14 19:02:47

Hi rubyinthedust, thank you so much for responding. I've been driving myself potty googling and really just needed a straight answersmile

ColdTeaAgain Mon 01-Sep-14 20:35:15

You usually get quite sharp pain on either the left or right side of your abdomen rather than a central pain with ectopics.
Also symptoms of ectopics do not usually appear until at least 4-5 weeks after conception.

That said, you need to go with your gut instinct if you don't feel right, see your GP sooner rather than later.

ColdTeaAgain Mon 01-Sep-14 20:38:22

Sorry 4-5 weeks after lmp, not conception, don't want to confuse!

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