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Week 16 and still being sick

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Kellyg789 Sun 31-Aug-14 22:31:39

Anyone else going through this ? Most evenings I am sick , impacting on work , home , my sanity ! Is there anything I can do ? I am really worried it's going to stay with me for the next 6 months ... :,-(

LBNM19 Sun 31-Aug-14 22:43:51

Mine stopped at 16 weeks I was sick every single day at least once before that, I really feel for you it's awful. Hope it stops soon xx

Harpersmum Sun 31-Aug-14 23:12:50

Everyone is different. For me I was sick every day right up until the birth. I remember pulling over the car to be sick by the side of the road on my last day at work before mat leave and also being sick in the car park at work, heavily pregnant with a crowd of well meaning people asking if I was ok, I was mortified sad
On the plus side I did feel better after about 24 weeks and didn't have so much nausea. After then I sick just in the mornings, about once a day but before then it was morning, noon and night. For me I feel better after having dry toast and a glass of milk in the morning. It's worth trying can get anti sickness wristbands from Boots, didn't work for me though but worth a try. I also have a friend that was prescribed anti sickness drugs from her doctor and she said that really helped but I have to admit I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of taking medicine.
Hope it improves soon. You have my sympathies, I know how dreadful it can be. You will get through it xxxx

Kels13 Mon 01-Sep-14 07:50:55

Mine lasted until 18 weeks when the doc suggested I try gaviscon. Worth giving a go. I swig it after eating anything or whenever I feel a bit gassy (a lot). For me it was the gassiness making me sick. One day was sick 8 times so it wasn't mild sickness! I'm now 34 weeks and still taking it all the time. Have had a few cases of sickness still but nothing like I was. Worth trying before going into meds xx

Kellyg789 Mon 01-Sep-14 08:52:06

Thanks ladies , these forums are so helpful smile

JustMarriedBecca Mon 01-Sep-14 12:25:02

I also still have it at 37 weeks. I don't get nausea so much as sickness. I spoke to the midwife and she said it could be linked to acid reflux and just not eating regularly enough. It tended to come on at set times (genius baby in schedule already) and so tried to eat carbs hour before to ward it off and just carry some plastic bags with me at all times for sporadic episodes. Just don't use the kind with holes in.

Pregnancy is SO glam x

freneticfox Mon 01-Sep-14 13:13:51

You're not alone. I'm 16+2 and yesterday was the only day in weeks where I've had no nausea. I've been on tablets it's been so bad. No idea if this is a continuing improvement, but I've learned to be grateful for the good (or less icky) days!

Hope you feel better soon x

Kellyg789 Mon 01-Sep-14 17:48:14

Justmarriedbecca - that's an interesting point about eating regularly, mine comes on in the evening when I get home from work or before bed !

butterfly86 Mon 01-Sep-14 20:11:27

I was violently sick numerous times a day until 22 weeks I kept waiting for it to go like everyone said it would after 12 weeks! One morning I just woke up and it had gone, I was sick the odd time after that maybe 3 days over the rest of my pregnancy, I was so looking forward to being able to eat again but the sickness was soon replaced with heartburn...all worth it though smile

Kellyg789 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:13:29

This really helps :-) I do feel no one really understands unless they are going through it , just taking about it and not feeling alone is positive x smile

kitkat321 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:18:51

I had sickness/nausea/retching until about 18/19 weeks.

The only thing that I really think helped was accupuncture. It might have been a coincidence but after 2 sessions i felt much better. I still have the odd day when I feel a bit blah but otherwise ok now.

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