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silly nonsense worrying

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RachieS1986 Sun 24-Aug-14 11:31:20

I know im worrying over nothing. I thought second time around id b more relaxed but can't shake this worrying feeling that something will go wrong. Im 18weeks and 5 days. Iv felt the odd movement and on Thursday felt my first big kick but nothing really since. I know its still quite early and baby is well padded. I think iv felt a movement or two this morning but still keep over thinking everything.

Taura Sun 24-Aug-14 15:46:00

I think it was about 21w before I started getting consistent feelings of movement. Before then it was infrequent enough to be something I worried about like you. It turned out that I have an anterior placenta which reduces feeling a bit. Might be the same for you.

In a few weeks you'll be wondering how you ever doubted it. Enjoy!

GeorgiexXx Sun 24-Aug-14 16:44:39

I went to the doctors at 18 weeks and then again at 21 weeks all because I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. On both occasions they checked the heartbeat and everything was fine. I'm now at 29 weeks and I worry far less because the movement is so frequent and obvious. If you're feeling worried then get yourself checked out, otherwise you'll end up worrying over nothing. That's what the NHS is there for.

RachieS1986 Wed 27-Aug-14 21:17:20

Thanks for the replies ladies. This is dc no. 2 so i guess I thought I would feel more sooner. I had an anterior placenta with dc no1 so hoped itwud b different this time. Im afraid to go to hospital in case im wasting their time. I felt a couple of firm kicks Sunday and Monday but nothing major again since. I guess im as anxious this time as I know of a few girls who have suffered losses recently and its probably playing at the back of my mind.

squizita Wed 27-Aug-14 21:40:49

Ring your MW who may be able to see you and doppler for a HB... but even though you might feel movement sooner, bear in mind there is a lot of room for the baby to tuck itself away, hence they don't suggest looking for patterns till 24 weeks.
I was scared and my MW saw me at about 19 weeks - basically wherever the placenta is at 18 weeks, she said not to expect pattern movement yet.

Just incase anyone with a posterior placenta is reading this and worrying! smile

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