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Told I am high risk. What exactly does this involve?

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junkfoodaddict Mon 18-Aug-14 22:07:08

Bit of background:
DS born 2.5 years ago. I was found to have a low-lying placenta at 20 weeks, nothing else of concern. At 31-34 weeks, I had irregular high blood pressure. Diagnosed with GBS too. At 36 weeks, i had a scan to check the position of the placenta. Told that baby was small for gestation (MW had measured my fundal as 34cm) and that I had half the amount of fluid i should have had. Scanned weekly thereafter. At 37 weeks, I had lost half the fluid I did have. 38 weeks and 39 weeks they did placenta doppler scans but nothing mentioned until at 39 weeks they decided to induce me the next day. Pessary placed at 12:30pm and having 'contractions' by 2:30pm. MW couldn't pick them up but they were there every 2 minutes. Also kept losing DS's heart trace. By 7:45pm, i was in labour ward where all hell broke loose. They put me on various drips and drugs, MW was about to burst my waters to which I replied that they had already gone or I was bleeding. i was bleeding heavily. By 9:45pm, I was whisked off for an EMCS due to massive blood loss, placenta abruption and foetal distress (heart rate was <60 beats). My uterus had a slight tear during the c-section but I was told this shouldn't stop me from having another pregnancy. It was touch and go' - I had apparently suffered violent contractions as a rare reaction to the pessary, lost >1500ml of blood and when DS was born his apgar score was 5 and only a drop of blood left in the placenta. I was in ICU for 17 hours with a suspected pulmonary embolism and DS sent to SCBU due to low blood sugar, suspected GBS then needed phototherapy for jaundice. On top of this, I am B- and DS was A+ but my anti-D wasn't given to me until 5 days later.

So we come to now! Am currently 9 weeks pregnant and just had my booking in appointment. I was told due to my history i would be considered 'high risk' and consultant led who would discuss my birthing options. I have already decided to have a planned c-section but wondered what care and support would be given to me in this pregnancy.
I understand that nobody has ever went through EXACTLY what I went through as all births are unique but surely not the only person who is 'high risk, consultant-led'. Just wondering what that entails.

Madratlady Mon 18-Aug-14 22:14:42

I would assume that it simply means that you are at higher risk of complications based on your previous pregnancy and birth. And consultant led care means that you'll see the consultant at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy so the consultant can keep an eye on you and any problems can be dealt with.

squizita Mon 18-Aug-14 22:29:01

It just means some of your ante-natal appointments are with a consultant who will do all the normal checks but then a bit more focus on your particular health needs. You may also get extra scans and dopplers. Thousands of women are 'high risk' and 'consultant led' for many reasons and most are absolutely fine.

My consultant explained we are clinically high risk: it's not the same as 'risky in real life'. Your risk is just highER than other women for certain things - it doesn't mean they think anything will definitely go wrong.
In your case the consultant will probably keep an eye on your fluid, have on your notes about the reaction to the pessary so whoever read them would know "never ever induce this woman" and support you in getting an elective ceserean as opposed to a vb.
It's a precaution but the consultants aren't scary in the slightest and most women seeing them are perfectly healthy throughout.

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