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What is the earliest a scan would show anything?

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monkeyfacegrace Fri 18-Jul-14 10:40:43

Long background.

Very basically, DH had cancer and chemo at the beginning of the year, and I had a nasty complicated MMC at Christmas. Were told unlikely to conceive naturally again.

Found out yesterday via HPT I am pregnant. I'm regular as clockwork, so know I'm 4+2.

Due to all medical history midwife said if I ever found out I was pregnant again, I could have as many early reassurance scans as I liked (for peace of mind).

Just waiting for her to call me back.

What's the earliest I could find out if anything is actually implanted and growing?

HygieneFreak Fri 18-Jul-14 10:43:54

I think its 6-8 weeks

Trooperslane Fri 18-Jul-14 10:47:31

No point before 6 weeks IME.

Congrats on your bfp

monkeyfacegrace Fri 18-Jul-14 10:47:31

Ah okay thanks. Google says a gazillion different things.

6 weeks. That's not long to wait <wobble>

monkeyfacegrace Fri 18-Jul-14 10:48:02

I thought it would be more like 10 weeks so actually I'm very reassured. Thank you.

fackinell Fri 18-Jul-14 10:51:58

Defo 6wks. I've had 3x MC and was told to book scan for then as a heartbeat should be detectable.
Congratulations thanks

monkeyfacegrace Fri 18-Jul-14 10:52:54

You know when people say they are so nervous they physically shake?

Yeah, well, that.

hlc123 Fri 18-Jul-14 11:33:05

I had an early scan at 6+4 with my last pregnancy, we couldn't see much but we got to see the heartbeat which was very reassuring. Congratulations, wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy

TwigletFiend Fri 18-Jul-14 12:26:34

Even at 6 weeks things are so small they sometimes don't see anything - if that is the case, given your history I would request to go back for a scan a week or so later maybe, if they don't automatically offer it to you. So even if they don't find HB at 6 weeks, it's not necessarily bad news then either smile

Bondy83 Fri 18-Jul-14 12:37:07

I had scan on Tuesday I was 7+2 I could see a lovely little bean with a good strong heartbeat. Try not to panic and wait for as long as you can I had a scan last year that they assumed I was too early and had a long agonizing 2 week wait for another scan to see if there was any growth. it was horrendous going for the scan only to see nothing at all. They say around 6-7 wks should see a heartbeat.

fortifiedwithtea Fri 18-Jul-14 12:38:15

At 6 weeks the heartbeat is a tiny blip of lighter grey flashing on the screen.

At 5+ weeks, no actual heartbeat just a quivering mass of cells.

I had two very early pregnancy scans due to a mc followed by an ectopic pg.

Wish you all the best for a happy outcome flowers

monkeyfacegrace Fri 18-Jul-14 12:43:48

Thanks again.

I'm going to ask for scans at 6, 9 and 12 weeks. If I can't see anything at 6, I will have another at 7.5.

I think that'll keep me sane smile

woodwaj Fri 18-Jul-14 15:50:14

Congrats monkey. Here is my 6+1 heartbeat

seasavage Fri 18-Jul-14 16:01:18

I saw a heartbeat at what was measured 6+2 (i thought that was small.) after flapping (dates seemed wrong) i had another scan a week later (measured 8+2) and another heartbeat.
The heartbeat was reassuring. NHS did not give me those scans though. Nor will they 'as standard' in my area despite what the midwife said.
I'd say 8 weeks was more reassuring but I still am wondering about 10 weeks. Espeiually as NHS aren't likely to give me a 12 week because of dating been done.

hellymelly Fri 18-Jul-14 16:05:40

I had a scan at five weeks, they could see a sac but no heartbeat, it was too early to see if the pregnancy was viable (I'd had some bleeding). I had a follow up scan a week later and there was the beautiful heart, flickering away. smile. So yes, 6 weeks is the time when you can see a heartbeat, earlier and they won't know if the pregnancy is viable or not. Good luck!

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 18-Jul-14 16:08:58

I had a dating scan as was unsure of dates. The sonographer initially thought she couldn't see a heartbeat as too early but then spotted a little flicker which was the heartbeat. She said that made me 6 weeks exactly as she wouldn't have seen it if less. DS was born on his due date so she must have been right smile

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 18-Jul-14 16:10:57

By the way after my miscarriage they offered me an early scan at 7 to 8 weeks for my next pg. I think that is so there's no risk of them not picking up a heartbeat (simply because it's too early) and causing undue worry.

slithytove Fri 18-Jul-14 16:13:42

4 weeks showed thickened womb lining
5 weeks showed yolk sac
6 weeks showed HB

All through a vaginal ultrasound


Trooperslane Sat 19-Jul-14 09:40:23

Oh yes Monkey, will definitely be vaginal.

My dr said they wouldn't scan me any earlier because it causes more anxiety if they can't see Hb.

So, maybe easier to wait if you can think you're saving yourself more anxiety?

(Clutching at straws I know)

Let us know how you get on. X

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