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Scan today, baby measuring 4 weeks to small, c section tomorrow, ressaurance needed

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polkapretty Mon 23-Jun-14 18:10:13

Hi everyone
Looking for some reassurance really, have been measuring small for the last few weeks, had a growth scan 4 weeks ago and baby was on the smallish side but fine. Being consultant led due to previous complications and had another growth scan today and baby hasn't grown in 4 weeks, im 36 weeks but baby is only measuring 32. Consultant has decided they are going to section me tomorrow. Whats likely to happen? How much do u think baby will weigh? How long are we both likely to be kept in for? etc Any advice would be appreciated as feeling very stressed at the moment

hartmel Mon 23-Jun-14 18:15:19

Didn't want to read and run.

I never went through that experience but just wanted send you a hug. And hopefully everything goes fell tomorrow.
Maybe the doctors will be surprised tomorrow that your baby is bigger then the scan showed. I heard that the scan can be sometimes pretty off due to the position of the baby..

Good luck and keep us posted

AlarmOnSnooze Mon 23-Jun-14 18:20:42

I always measured small for dates, but didn't have any growth scans, so,not quite the same experience.

With ds, my consultant was very,concerned by the time I was 37 weeks, but I didn't want a scan, and he held fast. Ds was born by c section (elective), at 39 weeks, and weighed 8lb 10. The consultant asked for a re-weigh, as he couldn't believe it, given how small I was measuring!

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

parallax80 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:48:51

I had an experience similar but a few weeks further along (scan at 32 and 36 weeks small but growing, scanned again at 39+something and no growth since 36 wks.)

I was induced rather than section, and we were kept in for I think 3 nights - partly because I had to go to theatre after but also because they had to do 48 hrs glucose monitoring on little one, and as he was blue and floppy when he came out they kept an eye. He weighed 5lb at 39wks, so below 0.04th centile. He also couldn't suck properly, but he coped with syringe feeding so did that rather than NG tube.

We eventually got breastfeeding sorted after about a week - I expressed and syringe fed til then. He very quickly ended up on 9th centile and has been there ever since with no problems health or developmental.

Someone told me that babies who've been growth restricted in utero are often surprisingly strong, because they're used to fighting. Don't know how true that is but he's definitely a stubborn little thing.

I suspect your baby might need to stay in a bit longer due to being a bit early, but even if small the extra time inside will have been good for things like lung maturation.

Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. Will cross my fingers.

polkapretty Mon 23-Jun-14 18:59:38

Thank you everyone for your replies. I have been measuring small since 28 weeks but no one was overly concerned as neither myself or hubby are particularly big and everything else has been ok. I had an induction with dd1 but am very nervous about having a section, as iv never had any type of operation before. I think the doctors were more concerned that the baby had stopped growing rather than measuring small. Have been told baby will be around 4lbs but don't know how accurate these things are. Do u think it is likely that baby will be in neonatal? My head is all over the place and to top it off we have moved house 5 days ago and all our stuff is everywhere, que hubby going mad and trying to organise baby stuff and bedroom tonight. So pleased ur babies have all been fine and just hope for the same, fingers crossed.

Borttagen Mon 23-Jun-14 19:26:01

Hi polka, sorry to hear this it must be really worrying. I've no experience of this but have had a section after a VB and wanted to reassure you that an ELCS is very calm and I found the recovery easier than the VB.
Wishing you and baby all the best x

Moomaloo Mon 23-Jun-14 21:12:17

Good luck! 36 weeks is a good gestation. My first born was c section at nearly 35 weeks and he weighed 4 pounds. He was in neo natal for nearly 2 weeks. It all depends in your baby though - growth scans are notoriously unreliable.
It sounds like your doctors have everything in hand, and if baby does need any extra help you are in exactly the right place. I second what someone else said, premature / tiny babies are tough!! x

KatieKaye Mon 23-Jun-14 21:14:34

Best wishes - sending positive thoughts for you both

BetterWithCheese Mon 23-Jun-14 21:20:03

I'm sorry I have no personal experiences to add but I wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. I hope all is well with your baby and s/he is healthy.

Droflove Mon 23-Jun-14 22:01:50

Not a professional medical opinion but it sounds like everything is going to be fine. Baby must just not be getting the nourisment it needs from the placenta so better out now than in. He/she may be quite small but has had good time for lungs to develop well etc. I expect the baby will spend time in the neonatal unit to ensure it is putting on weight and all systems are full term before letting him/her out so don't be shocked by that. Best of luck, I'm sure you are up the walls but chances are you will have a perfectly healthy baby home with you in a few weeks time.

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