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Why am i worrying so much with my second pregnancy? Nearly 16 weeks!

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BexL1990x Tue 17-Jun-14 11:06:24

Hi everyone! I am nearly 16 weeks pregnant with my second baby and im more of a stresser than first time around! I have started feeling the odd movements from 13/14 weeks! Am i over reacting as i take anti allergy tablets once a day to help with terrible hayfever.. Now i hardly feel baby move and in a hasty panic this morning i dug my doppler out to ensure baby is ok.. Took me AGES but think i got it. Not sure if its the echo from my own heartbeat though :-/!!! Please help guys with some advice im a nervous wreck!! I see my midwife thursday for antenatal check up and ive been told she wont listen for babas heartbeat!! X

Ducky23 Tue 17-Jun-14 13:37:02

Didn't want to read an run, not an expert though on these things.

As far as I was aware, at this stage there may be no set pattern of movements and from the information I have read home dopplers can be very unreliable especially at this early stage.

But if anything is worrying you, give your midwife a call, I'm sure shel be able to put your mind at rest wink

schoolsgettingonmynerves Tue 17-Jun-14 13:45:18

Don't worry I was the most panicked with baby number 3 for no particular reason! I think when you have your first you just take it for granted then once they are born and you realise what a miracle it all was and completely fall in love with them you look back and think oh my god how lucky was I!

There is no real answer to this apart from you can ask the midwife to listen for the heart beat she will probably do it (if it's possible). If you get yourself in a real state you can go up the hospital and they will see you and check you over. I did that and felt really stupid but the midwives were lovely and told me to come back any time I felt nervous.

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