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Baby growing on 97th centile and breech

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OneMoreCupOfTea Sat 07-Jun-14 12:01:25

I'm due my second baby next month and had a repeat scan done last week as the measurements of my uterus were quite high. The head size is on the 97th centile and they found that the baby is still in a breech presentation with the head under my ribs (which explains the pain!) I'm going for a repeat scan in two weeks and to discuss 'options' Has anyone got any experience of having external cephalic version with a large baby? Could the baby still turn on its own? (I'm 36 weeks and is second baby) I know a lot depends on whether the baby turns but am getting very anxious about a normal delivery with a large baby.

VeryPunny Sat 07-Jun-14 13:40:23

My first was breech and we tried ECV twice but no joy. I would be somewhat skeptical of size measurements as IIRC they are based on head circumference. DD was estimated at 8lb 11 at 37 weeks but arrived at 41 weeks at 7lb 3oz. She does have a big head though!

We attempted a normal delivery - went in to labour spontaneously, dilated fully and DD got halfway out before getting stuck (as can happen with a normal presentation) so we went for a section which was actually a brilliant experience all round (well, once the epidural kicked in)

I am convinced DD tried to turn at 38 weeks but just ran out of room. We had tried hypnobirthing and I did some optimal positional exercises but TBH if the baby doesn't want to turn there's not much you can do.

The key for me was very supportive medical staff (the community MW thought I was daft for not heading straight for an elective section). Consultants were entirely supportive of vaginal breech delivery as were all the staff on the night, once they knew we had discussed things previously with the consultant. It helped that our local hospital is the regional centre for all problematic births and pregnancies though.

Don't panic - you have choices available and there is still time for baby to turn. And if they stay put, they'll still arrive safely. DD even now will only sleep with her head jammed against something!

slightlyinsane Sat 07-Jun-14 13:44:21

I wouldn't worry about either tbh. My twins had been on the 98th centile consistently for head and abdominal charts. They arrived at 36+2, t1 was 4lb11 with head of 31cm and t2 was 5lb 10 with head of 33.5cm. If you go by the average of half a lb a week growth they wouldn't of been huge at full term. My dd1 was transverse up until 38 wks when she turned. Have a look at spinning babies for ideas on how help turn your lo.

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