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Within 20 weeks this is my second cold

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hartmel Tue 03-Jun-14 23:29:35

As above states, since being pregnant with dc2 I am sick for the second time.. Nose running and coughing..

I managing it fine but I'm so exhausted because DS is only 8 1/2 month old. And guess what he is teething so bad that he got high fever, once the fever went down he got runny nose and cough.. Bad appetite..

I guess all I'm getting at this post is for a hug.. I'm so run down my house is a mess. Poor husband has to deal with my hormones and sickness. I'm so emotional in this pregnancy..

Well I'm looking forward to next week Monday. 20 week scan. My gut is saying that this time we are expecting a girl. So I'm anxious to find out now...

Ok ladies I'm done grin

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