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Baby scope app for iphone

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shannaradcliff Thu 22-May-14 12:21:03

Has anyone used the Baby scope app for iphone? I downloaded it this morning and managed to find the baby's heartbeat for the first time! I am 22+2 today. The app is great, even though you have to pay for it, it's still a lot cheaper than buying a doppler and you can even record and share with your family/friends. They reccomend that you use it from week 30 as its easier to find the heartbeat but you can try earlier, my baby's heartbeat was 164 BPM today (counted over 15 seconds and multiplied by 4).

Fissawissa Thu 22-May-14 18:55:15

I just hot this today after seeing your post. I'm almost 20 weeks.
Can't find baby's heartbeat - how far down are you putting the mic?

Mummytobeforthefirsttime Thu 22-May-14 21:04:37

I have it and haven't been able to find the heartbeat and I'm 30 weeks! My friend lent me her Doppler and I found the heartbeat straight away at 24 weeks, but nothing on the Baby Scope. I am using it on my Ipad but that shouldn't make a difference.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Thu 22-May-14 21:12:06

I hate to say it, but these apps don't work and are basically a bit of a scam. Your phone/ipad can't magically become a Doppler, it's different technology to just a mike.

shannaradcliff Fri 23-May-14 20:08:52

Have to say that the app is not a scan. It works because the iphone's microphone is very sensitive and it just amplifying the heart beat smile a lot of fun!

AnythingNotEverything Fri 23-May-14 20:14:06

Whether it is the baby's heartbeat or not, don't ever ever use this or a Doppler for reassurance. It's just a toy. If you have any concerns about your baby, don't think that because you can hear a heartbeat everything just be ok.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 23-May-14 20:26:49

Except that a Doppler doesn't use the same technology as a microphone. The best it could possibly, possibly claim to be is equivalent to a stethoscope.

If you wanted a Doppler, you'd need a gadget too - like this one that I see has just been launched (not advertising, might be shit. I just see it does require an actual bit of Doppler kit).

shannaradcliff Sat 24-May-14 21:05:57

I didn't say that it's a Doppler, it's like a Doppler- it does the same work.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sat 24-May-14 21:11:49

Sorry to be pedantic, but no, it doesn't. There is a reason midwives use Doppler technology and not just ear trumpets/stethoscopes.

It is also worth repeating Anything's point that these are fun toys, as (to be frank) is a home Doppler in amateur hands. Women must, must ensure that they don't use it self-diagnose, particularly to self-diagnose that 'everything is ok because I can hear a heartbeat'.

Finally, I know nothing about this particular app, but I know one friend who downloaded one which magically picked up a fetal heartbeat when placed on her husband's stomach. So again, they are a bit of fun.

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