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bruised and bleeding at 13 weeks

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mismylinford Mon 28-Apr-14 02:40:31

After what seemed to me to be very heavy bleeding and lots of pain.... Ei soaking a st straight and more on top of that. I was sent for a scan. Its showed a healthy baby at 13 weeks. Also a bruise almost as big as baby in my womb. The cause of the pain and bleeding. I had a million questions and was told it would bleed out or just disappear. Whichs fine but the pain worries me. This is my second my first pregnancy was text book no problems at all. So im worried, a bleed happened today after the scan and it soaked right though a heavy duty st so im scared to go anywhere incase i bleed everywhere and need to rush off and change was embarrassing enough happening at the inlaws house. I suppose just looking for support? Or your experiences.

porcito Mon 28-Apr-14 03:47:30

No experience quite the same, but just wanted to send some support.

I had a fairly small one until about 12 weeks, which was a nightmare, so I can relate to the worry a little. It's subchorionic haemotoma - there've been a few threads recently about this on here which might help you. My doctor told me it's quite a common problem, and usually resolves itself by absorbing or bleeding out. Mine bled out for a week or two, which meant some brown spotting (but bruise was small), which scared me senseless every time, but the baby's still kicking around in there and the bruise had gone entirely within 2 weeks! I took pads with me in case, annoying when you're pregnant but better than being caught short.

It's so hard not to worry, but stay away from Evil Google. I don't know how your hospital is, but would they scan you again to reassure you?

Ferreroroche123 Mon 28-Apr-14 05:58:28

Did they tell you how big the bruise was mismylinford? And where it was? Just helps to gauge how likely it is that you will see more bleeding.

I had a moderate sch at 11+6 that was 5.5x5.7x3cm when I hemorrhaged and easily as big as the baby.

I bled (initially red but then brown) for over 5 weeks because it was sizeable and located above the cervix.

It was distressing to be bleeding for so long into my second trimester, but by 17 weeks the bleeding finally stopped.

I am 27 weeks today and at the last scan (24 weeks) the sch was still there, but was a little smaller and inactive.

Statistically, these things do tend to resolve themselves although there are a few sad outcomes.... Most bleed out or are absorbed by the body by about 20 weeks. Mine didn't disappear (possibly due to size), but it did stop actively bleeding.

In my case, I was on bed rest during the active bleeding and experienced a lot of pain and cramping. However, many doctors will just tell you to carry on and just take it easy.

I also drank loads of water to reduce the cramping.

There are some support groups you can join if you want to speak to others currently going through this.

I am on a Baby and Bump SCH group, but I think there is also a Babycentre one...

Best wishes.

mismylinford Mon 28-Apr-14 08:02:50

Thank you for the replies and support.
Porcito my hospital and midwifes are very good i can call at anytime if im worried and i can talk to them they said its nothing so serious as we would re scan you unless there was a significant change in my overall health. Which is fine but trying to calm down in the middle of the night over this news isn't that easy. Google is evil im staying away.
Ferreroroche123 i am almost exactly the same as you. The bruise is in front of the gestastional sac and 7,9cm almost as big. Im guessing i will bleed more from the size of it. Is making work a nono again my active job sometimes i wish i worked in an office! And the quaitly i bleed is followed by cramps much like period pains but worse.
Its nice to here there is support out there ill look it up. Glad all is well with the little expected ones.

Ferreroroche123 Mon 28-Apr-14 08:33:02

Ok, yes that is a moderate size.

The baby and bump group is here:

Lots of lovely ladies who can answer every question you may have and provide virtual hugs.

BeetlingAbout Mon 28-Apr-14 12:04:38

Mismy, i'm sorry to read about what you're going through - it is always a very worrying time to see blood in pregnancy.

I posted about this recently as I had a gush of red blood at 9 weeks. I have had brown and pink bleeding since then and am 10+5 today and a scan on saturday confirmed baby is well.

I also had this in my last pregnancy and bled from 6-9 weeks, and the clot did disappear after that.

The bleeding will irritate your uterus and cervix causing you cramps and tenderness. I recommend keeping hydrated and taking it easy as this has really helped me reduce these pains.

mismylinford Thu 01-May-14 10:19:22

I havnt had any gushes in 4 days or any significant other bleeding just spotting slowing getting darker. Now spotting is deep brown. Doctor has me on bed rest. But my nerves are shot. I was told they won't rescan me or monitor it unless bleeding comes back and is worse. I guess there's nothing they can do. I have a holiday in little over a week and im scared to go incase things get worse.

Ferreroroche123 Thu 01-May-14 10:35:33

mismy you are doing all the right things and the fact your bleeding has settled to dark brown spotting is excellent.

Nhs really won't monitor unless you get to the magic 24 weeks... Then they may do growth scans if the sch hasn't disappeared.

I managed to get one extra scan at 18 weeks because I pestered my consultant about my continued bleeding and stressed it was making me anxious not knowing what was happening between 13 & 20 weeks when I was still bleeding.

mismylinford Thu 01-May-14 10:48:18

Thank you for support.
I might try that i went to the doctors yesterday for them to sign me off. He was very nice and gave me some confidence things will be ok.
Im finding it hard to see family members, just had SIL around and i could bearly speak to her for fear of crying.
Distraction must be the key to getting through this?

Ferreroroche123 Thu 01-May-14 12:03:32

Yes. I have been off work for 15 weeks now since my gush.

First few weeks I kept my two closest people (hubby and mum) around me as much as they could. I didn't want to be alone, but I did not want other visitors.

Then I had about 3 more weeks at home alone while still bleeding/spotting. They were probably the hardest... Too much time to think and read. Stock up on films, DVDs, books etc if that happens to you. Try to do anything that will stop you googling. Join sch support groups online.

Once I had stopped bleeding, it started to get a little easier mentally, and now at 27 weeks I am just bored and uncomfy so I pass the time ordering baby necessities online.

Hope this helps.

redandchecker Thu 01-May-14 12:11:02

I had a bruise on my uterus also which caused pain.

I was told to take it easy - which I did

I went for a scan one week later and bruise was completely gone!

Hopefully this makes you feel better and I hope this is the case for you too, you are now in the second trimester so that is good news. Take it easy and demand a re scan if they haven't already booked you in for one.

Honestly though rest up. Don't do a thing, grab support in where you can and if you're working in a fairly demanding environment try get the doctor to sign you off for a week or so.

Good luck thanks

mismylinford Sun 04-May-14 11:00:52

Thanks for all the replies thought id do an update.
Its been a week since my last 'gush' I've just had spotting of brown coloured all this week. I have basically bed rested (or sofa) as much as i can doctor has signed and very happy to until i start maturity leave... I was a restaurant manager so there's no way i could do my job....
I do have cramping pain enough to make me wince every know an again but avoid painkillers if i can. I hope that these bleed is shrinking and will call midwife to ask for a re scan, go on holiday in a week... To Disneyland of all places had a wheelchair been suggested to me as alot of walking is involved.

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