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Due date and irregular periods

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Ducky23 Thu 24-Apr-14 16:03:16

Was wondering if anyone could give any thoughts on my due date.

I have very irregular periods, ranging from 30 to 50 + days. With my first pregnancy I (think) had a long cycle and the midwife worked it out and when I went for my dating scan it was only a few days off.

This time I used opks but never got a strong positive, the strongest line was on cd28, lmp on 7/03/14. I just assumed that I would have ovulated cd29 and based on that I would be 4+6, however at my booking appt midwife said I am 6+6, I told her above and she said they will confirm it at the dating scan at 8 - 9 weeks (high risk so I'm having early scans).

I just wanted to ask what people think? Do you think I would be 4+6 or could I be further along? Or is there just no way of telling until a dating scan?

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