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feeling unattractive and sex life is going!

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EmilyRose21 Tue 22-Apr-14 14:38:29

Hi everyone,
I'm 18 weeks pregnant and can see everything going downhill with my sexlife with my partner and its really getting me down.
I don't feel attractive anymore and I feel like ive lost all my confidence to go upto my partner and start kissing him or touching him. He is getting really upset that I never come onto him anymore but I just don't feel confident anymore.
I feel like ive got a raging sex drive because its all I think about and feel I want but we're not doing anything!
Ive tried talking to him and that didn't go well, I just don't know what else to do.
We used to be really fun and loving, but its not like that anymore. I feel like we hardly kiss properly or anything.
I want it to get better asap but not sure how without feeling uncomfortable and unconfident.

Any advice would be great! I've never felt like this before and im becoming really down in the dumps.

CoolCat2014 Tue 22-Apr-14 17:11:20

Why are you feeling so unattractive? Because of weight gain? My partner loves it, as it's all part of having a baby together.

Maybe try doing some stuff to make yourself feel better, fix your hair nice, get out those sexy undies, and flirt with him! I know it helps me, and takes my mind off feeling big!

I'd also highly suggest talking to him about it all, and talk through some things that might help turn you both on. My DH was feeling very "neglected" when I was about 16 weeks and just constantly exhausted from MS, and I read in a book to try doing some sensual stuff - romantic candles, him give me a footrub and massage etc. I suggested it, he jumped on it, and deff helped! Helped me feel more up for it, and him understand a bit more that I really needed some extra TLC!

Hope you work it all out, I think talking through is important smile

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