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gestational diabetes question

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MrsRV Sat 05-Apr-14 21:03:15

already diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis, 34 plus 5 today. baby will be born during week 37 as a result.

baby's tummy from scan today measures on 98th percentile. suspected diabetes. have to wait 10 days for GTT as been having steroid injections to bring on lungs in case of prem birth for cholestasis.

in meantime I just need to lie off choccie & ice-cream & cake etc etc?? as this hasn't yet been diagnosed I've not had the advice about diet. can't really exercise due to painful spd too & the fact I'm just revovering from bronchitis. do I need to cut out everything sweet or just in moderation & what is moderation? what about fruit?????


Rosduk Sat 05-Apr-14 21:57:12

I have GD and have had to stop sweets/cake/crisps/biscuits- the obvious stuff. I have fruit like apples and pears but eat it with a protein so I have some cheese with it. I'm not sure how seriously you are taking it until you are diagnosed but I have porridge in the mornings with milk and cinnamon and lots of salad, sweet potato or new potatoes for lunch then a meat and two veg meal in the evening! I try and lay off bread, particularly in the evenings! Good luck!

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