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how do i reach ......

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slightlyinsane Wed 02-Apr-14 11:25:55

My feet! For some reason my hair and nails are growing at a stupid rate this time. At 29 wks (with twins) I now can't find a position where I can do my toe nails. I can't stand anyone touching my feet at all so I can't get anyone else to do it for me. Any suggestions of acrobatics I can do to reach them????

TeaAndANatter Wed 02-Apr-14 11:28:53

Yep, same problem here. One foot is easier than the other. Standing facing the loo (seat shut unless you want this to get interesting). Lift first foot for chopping onto loo seat (like you're going to step up). Turn knee facing outwards and gently lunge forwards and down. This works mostly for me. Alternatively, available friends or partner no thanks or a local ad which offers trims for £5 for people 'who can't get there'!

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