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Antenatal hydronephrosis, recent experience?

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Cannotbelieveit Tue 01-Apr-14 08:56:58

Had a scan yesterday at 36+2 as getting ready to prep for VBAC and I'm high risk due to previous EMCS and high BP last time. So far everything has been fine but yesterday sonographer picked up higher than the upper level acceptable of liquid in both of baby's kidneys. (11mm and 14mm).

Both sonographer and consultant said don't worry, very common especially in boys and in later preg and that it could be that he hasn't peed properly when scan had taken place. However an neonatal alert has been placed on my file for baby to be scanned ASAP after birth and given antibiotics.

they've said don't worry and obviously I am anyway!shock

I'm just wondering how this affects skin to skin straight after, bf, length of stay, whether baby stays with you.

I know it can resolve before birth and I have another consultant scan and appt at term or few days after so I'm really hoping for that but given my ds1 (only just turned 1 yesterday) was in SCBU for 16 days after birth, I was really hoping for straight forward this time, and this is upsetting me sad

Looked at old threads on this but wondered if anyone had recent experience of knew or someone who had

Sorry for the essay/moan

lyns31 Tue 01-Apr-14 18:05:11

No experience but bumping so doesn't go off page.

Hope it's all okay. Must be worrying x

Cannotbelieveit Tue 01-Apr-14 19:08:22

Thanks Lyns!

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